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Do you think the threat of unrest affected the jury's decision in the Derek Chauvin trial?

Asked by Demosthenes (11713points) 3 weeks ago

No way to know for sure unless they admit it, but do you think it was a factor? If I were a juror in a high-profile trial and knew that I could be harassed or threatened for coming to a certain decision, I might not make that decision…

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I would like to believe some are willing to risk all to see justice was served.
As far as me personally, threaten me or try to coerce me and it firms my resolve even more.

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But it is completely predictable that conservative propagandists and demagogues, like the always punchable Fucker Carlson, would frame, devalue, and delegitimise the verdict by framing it in the light of this on-its-face racist accusation, that the jurors were compelled to vote guilty, solely because of this imagined fear of being assassinated by scary, dark-skinned, BLM hitsquads.

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Read this in a New Yorker article: “A trial that has such intense social meaning highlights the somewhat fictional nature of the aspiration that juries be independent of outside influences”. Which certainly seems true to me. It’s even harder in the modern era of social media and crimes-on-video that juries can be expected to have no preconceptions about the case. Even moving the trial to another venue might not have been enough.

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@ragingloli Yes, I’m actually very disappointed in some of my Republican friends response to the verdict. Cops don’t always do the right thing, and we can’t defend them in cases like this.
I’m related and know many, it’s very quiet right now, with a few call out’s that are disturbing to quit all task forces due to biased anti-cop sentiment.

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No I don’t think so.

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NO. The guy is a murderer, pure and simple. The fact that he had public trust, makes it a more heinous crime.

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Yup. There were some jurors that asked to be excused because of their fear of retaliation if they didn’t find him guilty. That isn’t to say he isn’t guilty, just that the jurors knew the score going in. The MSM and BLM made sure the entire world knew it and, therefore, eliminated any chance at a fair hearing.

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@Demosthenes How would we ever know? Verdict doesn’t matter. Either way there will be riots burning buildings, looting. The blm “celebrated” the guilty verdict by burning building and threatening police ad all “other than black people”. How are we supposed to know?

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Not at all.

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Yes. They made sure the correct decision was made and that justice was served.

The method of Floyd’s murder and its timing is what brought Chauvin down. In most other times and circumstances, practically nothing would have happened to Chauvin.

Without the publicity, the emotiveness of the case, the public outrage, and the threat of riots, there wouldn’t have been a hand-picked jury, and the best possible prosecution team wouldn’t have been brought in, and Chauvin would probably have got away with murder—had it even gone to trial.

I’ve seen dozens of videos of cops murdering citizens. I was personally acquainted with someone who was murdered by cops. Criminal charges are almost never made. Disciplinary actions amount to little more than paid leave. Civil cases are usually successful, which ends up being paid by local government.

You’ve a police force that’s little better than a death squad. And people defend these bastards.

One thing to note is that this isn’t just a black issue. Cops murder white people with impunity too. The key factor being that the victims are nearly always poor.

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@si3tech Where was the burning and looting after the decision?

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@JLeslie in several areas. Look at Portland OR, Los Angeles…really anywhere BLM felt like stirring the pot.

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@seawulf575 After the verdict?

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