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What do you think of Taylor Swift’s recent music “Folklore” and “Evermore”?

Asked by rockfan (12803points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

When Taylor Swift first came on the scene I absolutely hated her country-pop sound. But a few years later, a lot of songs on the album “Red” pleasantly surprised me and I slowly started to like her music. Even her older country pop music started to grow on me.

And now with “Folklore” and “Evermore” I’ve become a legitimate fan of her music. I absolutely love her personal songwriting and the simplicity of the indie folk sound mixed with sparse electronica adds a unique element to the songs. What do you think?




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I’d rather just think about Taylor Swift!

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I think they’re great.

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Lol I expected the first answer to be somewhat curmudgeon-y

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Love them. Have them both. Play them regularly.

I too was not a fan of her earlier work, but she was a teen writing about teen stuff. No surprises there.

I liked some songs on 1984 and Lover was very good — but these two new albums are excellent. Great, mature song writing.

Yes, I am a middle-aged Swifty.

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I like her and her music a lot. I have tremendous respect for her as a person, artist, and businesswoman.

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I like her music.

Think you should change your name to SwiftFan ?

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