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How do Virtual Reality headsets work if you wear glasses?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29735points) 3 weeks ago

Do they fit over the glasses? If you wear bifocals, would you use the distant or near part of the lens? or is there some focus correction built into the headset?

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They have a frame that fits over glasses

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You can adjust the focus.

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It depends upon the set.
Some have diopter adjustments that range from -3 to +3 diopters. (My drone headset has that.) If not, they leave room for glasses.

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You usually don’t need glasses when using a Virtual Reality headset.

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@KRD how does that work? I need glasses to read, and glasses to drive. How does the VR work in terms of correcting my vision?

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It has a roller you roll to correct the focus, until you can see clearly.

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