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Is a mini labradoodle or golden doodle a good dog?

Asked by tj1317 (22points) September 10th, 2008 from iPhone

this is the dog that I can acuatly get I have to get a dog under 35 pounds and I t can’t shed to bad I would likeone friendly and playful and very sociable btw how are wheatons

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tj1317, you’ve asked us about dogs in several other threads. We’ve given you examples of lots of good dogs. Please read them to get our suggestions. Thank you.

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I agree with poofandmook.

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I know but all the dogs you guy represented were eathier to big or not suitable

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Maybe you should consult other sources, then, if you didn’t like our suggestions?

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I definitely agree with poofandmook.

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If you have further questions about which dog to get, you could always ask them within one of your other ones, rather than start a whole new thread. it helps keep the board more tidy that way.

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As to your specific questions here, which no one has bothered to answer, both of those crosses are good dogs, fun, smart and trainable.

I love wheaton terriers, but you have to like terrier temperaments. They bark a lot, and they are relenless. I think you would find either of the two breeds you mentioned much easier dogs to have.

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