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What would you do if you were in mom's place?

Asked by Samantha4One (1328points) April 22nd, 2021

This story is inspired from a drama.
In a hypothetical scenario, we have a family of 4 people, mom, dad, their 10 year old daughter and mom’s aunt.

The mom’s aunt has a health condition where she has to live with her niece and her family.

Suddenly the mom finds her husband cheating and has impregnated his other partner. Now she’s in the process of divorce…

She’s also aware that her daughter is a genius with an IQ of over 180 and with her school she receives an offer from foreign country to receive scholarship for further studies in some great school for geniuses… It was a great offer.

But travelling and visa costs a lot, with over $50000 and the family was already in dire financial situation. The mom takes help from her now, ex- husband for help. He apologizes for his mistakes and helps the mom with half of the money, mom takes the rest of the money by taking a loan with her business as collateral.

Everything is good to go, but the daughter is quite attached to the mom’s aunt and don’t want to leave her due to aunt’s condition. She wants to stay in her own country and continue her studies in normal school.

The mom also don’t want to let her go, but she knows it’s for her daughter’s own good. The daughter’s gonna stay in foreign country for few years if mom sends her.

So what would you do in you were in mom’s place?
Sorry for the long question, i had to put down all the variables.

I appreciate the answer.

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As a parent, I would do what I could to encourage my child to take advantage of the opportunity.

To make it real world, a child that talented would be able to secure scholarships and grants. Money isn’t the issue.

The daughter might miss the aunt, but the aunt isn’t a reason to stay.

The father has stepped up, so that isn’t an issue.

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Send a 10 year old daughter whose parents are going through a divorce to live in a foreign country when she doesn’t want to go? I would concentrate on making her feel secure and loved and look for enrichment opportunities closer to home for now.

But since this is just a hypothetical situation, it doesn’t matter all that much what we say.

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I agree with @janbb. Ten is very young to send to another country alone, genius or not.

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I would want to know first the severity of the aunt’s condition. If it is a matter of her probable death within the year, the loss of the scholarship opportunity would be (to my mind) justified. Otherwise, I would advise the girl to take up the offer for at least the first year.

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I would never agree to spend that kind of money, nor would I ever let my 10 year old daughter move to a foreign country, without me, to go to school. I don’t care what kind of a genius she is. I think separating families like that is a terrible idea for everyone concerned. It is definitely not in the child’s best interest. There are many other, better options.

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Thanks guys for taking your time in answering this question.

@stanleybmanly, Aunt has condition where her mental age is of child probably less than 10 years old.. while her physical age is more than 50 years. I should’ve mentioned this in the question, but it was already too long. Thanks for your answer.

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