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What's the best type of sushi?

Asked by tesy (8points) September 10th, 2008
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My favorite roll has spicy tuna, cucumber and avocado inside, seared pepper tuna, sliced mango and honey wasabi sauce outside. It’s really addictive!

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Oh yummy trudacia. My all time favorite is Spicy Dragon Roll.

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fatty tuna is my favorite.

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back atcha lady. Dragon roll is right up there with my favorite.

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the kind that’s not still moving..? I like tuna.

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@random, always curious to try that. Is is actually “fatty” tuna? Like with fat?

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Fatty tuna is AMAZING. Its the softest most flavorful piece of tuna ive ever had. Seriously it tastes soooo much better that i feel bad even calling it tuna, its a thing of its own. Only downside is its usually quite expensive.

Im a big fan of Spider rolls, and im also quite fond of eel, though im sure thats only because of the sauce they put on it, but YUMMMM.

I’ll eat pretty much anything when it comes to sushi though, only things i really dont like are egg(wtf who wants egg on sushi(i know its huge in japan)) and urchin (texture is just blah) california rolls are pretty damn boring so i dont order them ever, its like sushi for n00bs =P

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GA to uberbatman for having the courage to use parentheses within parentheses.

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@trudacia…I’d imagine there isn’t much more fat than regular tuna…it just seemed like a better taste…to me atleast.

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@trudacia it seriously melts in your mouth its so damn good. Just make sure you ask about the price before you get it because its usually MP i once forgot to ask and paid 8 dollars for ONE PIECE

RandomMrdan's avatar is expensive

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Tuna Sashimi and the California Maki :D i’m drooling already :)

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i agree with the fatty tuna. it is FANTASTIC. best sushi i’ve ever had, hands down. but hamachi (yellowtail) and saba (mackeral) come in pretty close.

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I will eat any sushi. But my local sushi master, Choi, who is Korean, just invented a
good new roll called a Ruby Roll which has salmon, halibut and
avocado inside, wrapped in nigiri, then rice, then on top a slice of red red tuna.
Lotta protein in this baby.

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@susan sounds delicious.

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I love unagi (if I remember the name correctly) – it’s barbecued eel. Soooo much better than it sounds.

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@syz I think I’ve had that, pretty good as I recall.

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