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Are Scoville numbers constant, or do they increase/decrease over time and with heating/cooling?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29716points) 1 week ago

Scoville numbers (SHU – Scoville Heat Units) are a measure of spiciness in Chilis and peppers.

Are these numbers constants? Once measured, does the SHU change when the spice has been heated in a recipe, or cooled in the refrigerator? Does a SHU remain constant over time? (for instance, a pepper sitting in a bowl for a month)

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I have wondered this! What about allowing them to ripen for longer before picking? Will a green Anaheim or Poblano have a higher Scoville if they are allowed to redden som before picking?
Wonderful Q, @elbanditoroso, I hope someone here actually knows.

And, BTW, sorry I couldn’t answer.

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I know when I cook chili the heat drops after cooking overnight. I have to bump it back up by adding garlic and chili powder before serving.

Definitive answer on SHU up and then down while cooking.

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I don’t have a scientific answer but I made tacos from a kit last night well past their sell by date (not the meat) and they were much hotter than usual. So it seems like the mix got stronger through time.

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