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What is the Statue of Liberty's name?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18560points) 1 week ago

Does she have a name?

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Gladys, or maybe it’s Bertha.

But seriously, I love your question, so I searched for the answer. It turns out that Miss Liberty’s name is La Liberté éclairant le Monde, or Liberty Enlightening the World.

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Without Googling, I think I’ve heard her referred to as Lady Liberty.

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Libs for short.

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@chyna You must be on intimate terms with her!

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Thought was Lady Liberty too!

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Liberty is the character’s name.

La Liberté éclairant le Monde is a statue depicting Liberty.

In the same way that Justice is the character portrayed with a sword, scale, and blindfold before court buildings.

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“La Liberté éclairant le Monde”

Deriving from the above, I’m going to call her Eclaira, or perhaps Libzilla.

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She is a liberated woman.

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@stanleybmanly Oh come on! If she was French, she’d have arm pit hair!

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The missing fur is probably why she was deported.

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Marie Anne the mythic heroine of the French Revolution. I also believe she was originally intended to guard the entrance to the Suez Canal

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@basstrom188 Interesting. I had to Google that.

US National Park Service – “In 1869, the Egyptian government expressed interest in designing a lighthouse for the Suez Canal. Eager and excited, Bartholdi designed a colossal statue of a robed woman holding a torch, which he called Egypt (or Progress) Brings Light to Asia. When he attended the canal’s inauguration, however, Bartholdi was informed that he would not be able to proceed with the lighthouse.

“Although disappointed, Bartholdi received a second chance to design a colossal statue. In 1865, Édouard de Laboulaye proposed that a monument representing freedom and democracy be created for the United States. Bartholdi was a great supporter of de Laboulaye’s idea and in 1870 he began designing the Statue of “Liberty Enlightening the World.”

This blog shows a Bartholdi sketch and what looks like an early plaster model – Racing Nelly Bly – Bartholdi’s Statue Of Liberty Slated For Suez Canal

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Her name is Lady Liberty.

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