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Are organic pesticides/fungicides really better than synthetics?

Asked by hoosier_banana (824points) September 10th, 2008

There are some pretty bad “broad spectrum” organic pesticides out there. Rare or expensive organic substances can be produced in pure form synthetically cheaper. Wouldn’t it be great if farms changed their methods rather than their sprays?

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Considering certain synthetic pesticides break down into radioactive isotopes of elements like polonium in the presence of air, heat, light, and water (all needed for growing things obviously), I would certainly choose organic when possible (which is always).

Between beneficial organisms like lacewings, mantids, nematodes, mycorhizzal fungi, and things like neem oil, which not only controls pests but also provides trace micronutrients, virtually any pest problem can be prevented, or eradicated.

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Big Organic is not going to spray Neem Oil(which is great by the way) it’s too expensive. I am sure they use alot of Bt and that’s cool, but how can we be sure they are not abusing pyrethrins or copper? Gardening is not the same as commercial farming, should we be buying organic produce that traveled farther because it’s sprayed differently? Why not look at everything objectively and choose the best based on merit?

I agree that polonium is bad, you should name the pesticides so everyone knows.

Can anyone name a safe organic fungicide that is cheap enough to use for commercial farming?

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“Better” to & for whom?

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