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Is Rudy Giuliani just a way to get to Donald Trump's criminality?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29681points) 1 week ago

today’s news – Rudy Giuliani’s apartment was searched by the feds and electronic devices and other things were taken.

There are any number of reasons why the former mayor is suspicious – mostly his dealings with Ukraine and Russia.

But – could this be a way to tighten the noose on Trump? Would Rudy Giuliani squeal on Trump to avoid jail himself?

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I think he would squeal.

I also think nothing will come of it. I don’t think anything will happen to Giuliana or Trump.

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I don’t know and won’t spend time guessing. Anything harsch that happens to either guy will please me.

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Without a doubt.

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Only time will tell; but Rudy is a “dirty lawyer” that was the reason Trump choose him. But I think Rudy would rather be on the outside and not in jail.

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Giuliani is a stand alone criminal and a conduit into Trump’s illegal shenanigans.

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I take Giuliani as just another criminal scrap drawn to the giant orange supermagnet of crime that is Donald Trump. In fact the analogy is so perfect that you can reliably gauge the levels of turpitude comprising an individual through the degree to which said individual is attracted to the slug. Aside from the fool as the paradigm character litmus test is the bonus function of Trump as the marker for those so stupid as to neglect to conceal their OWN criminal tendencies. How can it be thought otherwise if after all, any approval of the miscreant amounts to endorsement of interminable criminality.

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I don’t about client attorney privilege, but Trump stiffed Rudy Giuliani on payment !

Does that mean Rudy is no longer Trump’s lawyer ?

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Is Rudy Giuliani just a way to get to Donald Trump’s criminality?

Not if Giulliani is acting in a criminal way.
Don’t discount the legitimacy of this because you think they are trying to flip him. He is a hugely desirable target.

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He’s the former mayor of New York City, he hosted SNL, he kicked the homeless out of the valuble turf, he’s an honerable knight, he invented or revolutionized the perp walk, he tried to destroy democracy in his own country and install a madman, he starred in Borat II. He’s a big fucking fish, but he’ll squeal when he realizes noone is coming to help him.

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@Smashley: The perp walk rose in popularity under Giuliani, but it was around long before him.

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Apparently I don’t get out much. What is the perp walk?

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@chyna: That’s when someone is arrested, and the authorities (police, DA) alert the media, and then they parade the perpetrator outside for the media to photograph.,New%20York%20City%20police%20commissioner%20in%20the%201890s.

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@jca2 – that’s basically what I said, right?

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Democrats think that anything that keeps the Russia Hoax alive is good for them. If they can intimidate Rudy, they will. If not they’ll settle for harassing him. It’s all political games, deadly serious political games but political games nonetheless. Eventually the public will realize Trump is no longer in office (not necessarily the crowd here) and let the political prosecutions die. Democrats are like a dog with a bone. They were able to scream and yell loud enough for four years to squeak out a win, so they won’t let go for years to come. No amount of logic will deter them even if they had the ability to look at things logically.

When in trouble or in doubt
Run in circles, scream and shout.
Fire a cannon, shoot a gun,
Sen the signal, WELL DONE.

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Say what you will. They remain nevertheless CRIMINALS. And they are clearly in thick with Russian and other criminals of the Eastern blockm

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@Jaxk do really believe that?

It’s been proven over and over that the Russia thing was not a hoax, and that Giuliani and other Trump friends were breaking lobbying laws.

At what point do facts enter into your analysis?

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@elbanditoroso – Yes< I really believe that. You all spent 4 years trying to get something, anything, on Trump, with illegal wiretaps, threatening family members, promoting lies and rumors, and came up with nothing. Now you have Biden in office and are panicking with his screw ball policies, so your trying to go back to the ‘Get Trump’ montra. Hell, maybe it will work again. Obviously it’s working for some of you all.

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“Trying to get something”? The fool fought like a wildcat to disgrace himself and his office. The ENTIRE Republican operation couldn’t keep his dumb crooked fat ass out of trouble.

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@Jaxk Captain Bonespurs was plainly a criminal before he ever became President. He was plainly a criminal while in office. Yes, people tried to do everything they could to stop him, because he is a piece of shit criminal, who attracts pieces of shit and criminals. The fact that no charges have yet stuck is a far cry from the notion that they have nothing on him.

He is credibly a rapist, draft dodger, tax cheat, crony capitalist who tried to and continues to try to, undo the American Constitution. And that’s just the most obvious stuff. Coordination between his 2016 campaign organization and Russian intelligence is well documented, as is Trump’s own obstruction of justice, along with many of his associates. The fact that he couldn’t be prosecuted, and has the slobbering support of the entire GOP, should scare the hell out of you, not buoy you with righteous indignation.

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@Jaxk And don’t fool yourself. The controversy over Trump and his mob’s love affair with Russian criminality is by no means over. Just pay attention.

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Giuliani isn’t merely an avenue to Trump’s upcoming convictions. It is clear that he has his own constellation of crimes for which he will almost certainly swing. That several of them are at the behest or benefit of the fool is of course inescapable.

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@stanleybmanly Denial is a damaging thing for people. Failure to acknowledge reality may make a person feel good and powerful, but that doesn’t make it honest.

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Both of these culprits have been beyond the “damage” phase. In Trump’s case that threshold has been in the rear view mirror for better than a generation. Giuliani’s entanglement with the great tar baby is comparatively but a matter of several years. It is the idea that denial is so routine that the entire concept of right or wrong is now meaningless to both if them.

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It would seem that the entire concept of right or wrong has been in the rear view mirror for half the country for quite a while. You have been screaming you have proof of wrong doing for 5 years with no evidence what-so-ever. This new phishing expedition will end the same way. But you’ll beat your chest and scream the ‘sky is falling’ once again. Calm down, it’s only a bird dumping on your head.

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No evidence? Do you actually believe either man is going to come out of this free from conviction?

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No evidence??

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I just don’t get it. If after 5 years of looking at a snake such as Trump, you can conclude that he is NOT a criminal, what hope can there be for you?

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@stanleybmanly some people just love the criminal element.

Others love dictators

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