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Where's Fabulous?

Asked by scamp (13124points) September 10th, 2008

Is she still partying? Happy Birthday!!

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(off topic) happy belated birthday scamp! I missed the thread on your big day… Many more!

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Oh thanks! I wanted to bestow the same honors on fabulous today. Anyone seen her?

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I’m not familiar with fabulous but happy b’day. Hopefully your out partying right now.

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She was on Fluther earlier today.

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Belated Happy Birthday Fab-girl!! So when should I come around for left-over cake??

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I don’t know where she is right now, she said she was going to work. She’s got me locked in the cupboard though. I nearly burnt the house down again you see.

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Hey guys no need to worry I’m still here been really busy lately I was supposed to be in hospital this week for a minor operation but that has been put off for another month I’m also up for promotion at work in the next few weeks so I have pretty busy lately thanks for the lovely birthday messages. May I add that this must be the best question EVER asked on Fluther Scamp 3 points to honey.

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Hey you two!! It’s great to see you back!! (insert huge smiley face here) I can understand being busy a little too well. I hope the surgery goes well when you have it, and you get the promotion with a huge raise! Try not to be such a stranger, ok? We miss you both around here!

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