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Would you care to learn about places to donate to help the Indian pandemic crisis?

Asked by janbb (58349points) 1 week ago

See link below.

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Good bird. Thanks

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Good to post these ideas to help.
I feel like not everybody gets it; if not for the people in India their health, do so (help) for, again, your own family, or your fellow country men.
If we don’t get a global herd immunity, we’re going to get it back faster than you can write a vitriolic comment about how these ‘shitholes of countries’ didn’t do enough to fight it.

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I’m sending $100 check to a friend who’s from India and whose father is in the hospital presently. She was very lucky and grateful that her family found a bed for him.

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To what degree is there an obligation on the rest of the world to help out a government that has mismanaged the crisis from the beginning? article

Yes, it is a good thing to help individuals who are suffering – no question.

Is there ever any accountability against government leaders who are the cause of the suffering?

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Like Trump?

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Exactly. If Trump teaches us anything it’s that the people should not be found guilty for the incompetence of their leaders.

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Sure that is what I like doing.

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