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What did President Biden's State of the Union address speech change to education?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18560points) 1 week ago

I passed out half way through his speech. I did catch that he added four more years of free high school for Americans to be competitive vs. the rest of the world.

Can you clarify this part of the speech?

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He did not add ” four more years of free high school.” High School is already federally funded for four years, and then one graduates.

He proposed free community college (2 years) and two years of pre-Kindergarten (ages 3— 5).

Also, this was not a State of the Union address He will give a SOTU next February..

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He talked about pre-k, I thought we were moving away from that line of thought, I guess not. He said something about “pre-k education not day care,” because studies show it improves something about high school, I don’t remember exactly what he said. I’d love to see those studies. That is not what I have read. Why aren’t we putting money and programs into high school?!

Also, free community college as @zenvelo said.

Honestly, the whole portion of the speech about education frustrated me. Finland had very successful education that starts at age 6/7. Elementary children don’t drop out of school, high school kids do.

I don’t want the poor to only be able to afford community college. They should have the opportunity of going to universities if they show the aptitude and desire. AA degree is only worth something for a couple handfuls of careers. Nursing and some other medical positions an AA degree can lead to a good paying job. Also, some more very technical jobs, not sure what else. Otherwise, it’s not much of anything unless you go on to complete your bachelors. The AA in those cases is similar to going to a technical school, not the full university experience. It’s fine if you know what you want and that education fits your goals.

I went to community college myself, and I thought my professors were very good, but it’s when I transferred to a university that I discovered majors I had never heard of and interacted with people from other parts of the country, and living on campus it’s a unique experience.

@zenvelo What do you mean high school is already federally funded? As far as I know less than 10% of k-12 public education is funded by the federal funds.

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