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Do detox drinks work?

Asked by albert15 (4points) 1 week ago

I have a drug test in four days, and my piss is filthy. I’m having a work interview that needs a substance test. (A drug test will take place a few days after the interview, so the earliest I will be checked is four days.) I’ve been smoking a lot less in the last month (less than a gram a day). However, for the past few months, I’ve been smoking almost every day. Wondering if any of those detox drinks work or if there is some way to get my piss clean quick. I’m sure lots of them are scams but if anybody knows any top notch products that could help me let me know. I don’t want to try and get clean piss elsewhere.

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The drinks do mostly work, but not with incredible consistency. Make sure you buy a well established product, not some fly by night supplement. One of the tough things about THC is that it lingers for a long time, especially if you have a lot of body fat. I’ve known people who’ve beaten pee tests one way or another, but a few who failed too. The good thing is that most pee tests results can be appealed, since they aren’t all that accurate, giving you another chance to pass.

If they’re doing hair testing, good luck.

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I only have advice from friends but they take the detox and drink gallons of water for a week before the test. It worked for them.

The lower your body fat the better chances it will work, like @smashely said.

@caravan He could shave his head ‘for summer’. Haha!

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My brother-in-law smoked some pot a week or two before he found out he got a job he had interviewed for. He drank lots of fluid and jogged everyday. It worked for him.

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Figure it might take 30 days if you have been using heavily !

Mayo Clinic data

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