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Is there an effective way to get men's shirt makers to produce bigger size shirts?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29717points) 1 week ago

I need a 4xl shirt. I’m a big, tall guy. I wish I weren’t but that’s how it is.

I get ‘targeted’ advertising on Facebook and other places for shirts – but, depending on the distributor, their largest size is either 2x or 3x.

How can I get these companies to understand that they have a willing clientele if the only made the right size?

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You think you have problems I wear a 5x it’s no fun trying to find cloths for me.

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One thing to know is that there isn’t really a standard size template. And some manufacturers engage in vanity sizing, especially for women, so your label says size 16 when it’s really (what used to be) a 20.

So the thing to do is to find out how the sizes run for a particular manufacturer and then calculate accordingly. Sometimes the customers’ product reviews will tell you that.

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You can go to a tailor or seamstress. I’ve done that when I was younger and thinner, 50 inch chest and 34 inch waist. Not anymore ! LOL

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You could start an online group for people who want bigger shirts, see if you can get a large number of people to join, pick companies you all agree to order X shirts from, then send those companies inquiries saying your group is ready to order Y number of shirts if they’d provide them. If Y is large enough, I expect some companies would say yes.

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Have you googled “Big and tall mens shirts?”

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@elbanditoroso Larger sizes than those in the Big and Tall catalog?

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@si3tech the ones on the King Size catalog are boring – traditional. The stuff I see on various websites is more modern, colorful, edgy.

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When I bought shirts from the tailor, they would measure me than send those to India for the tailor’s brother and cousins to make the shirts, only 10 or 15 % above name brand off the shelf brands, They were my size and I got white collars and cuffs with blue pin-stripe body on the shirt or what ever I wanted.

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That’s great TW but that seems ok for dress shirts, I only wear Tshirts , and Golf shirts some people call them polo shirts.

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Yes, I’m with @SQUEEKY2 – I haven’t worn a dress shirt (or even a button down shirt) in 8–9 months at least.

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Take a trip to Hong Kong. It’s a fabulous city. There are tailors all over the place that will measure you and whip up some quality shirts that fit in a day.

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Since you are looking for casual or tee shirts, check out Walmart. They have all kinds of big sizes. Walmart online – stores have limited stock of things like that.

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The best option is to get it stitched. Asking the manufacturers to produce more quantities in your size is not going to work. Their business depends on the demand-supply model. They’ll produce more of the things that have demand in the market and less of the things that have lesser demand….or, if they don’t get profits, they won’t produce and you can’t force them to.

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