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Who decides what answers and puzzles go in game shows?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18560points) 1 week ago

Like Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy?
Especially the bonus rounds, and Final Jeopardy?

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I would imagine from the writers which then gets approved by the producers. And sometimes it is the producers who could ask writers to go with certain topics.

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I’ve heard once, that in the Netherlands anyway, there are companies that do just that; making questions and such, for all kinds of quizzes and shows.
You go there and buy questions, and I assume after the first purchase they will tailor make them for you.

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There are contractors that do exactly this – finding and vetting good questions. In the end, though, the producers of the show make the final decision on categories (Jeopardy) and puzzle words on WOF and such.

I remember reading that “who wants to be a millionaire” had multiple levels of fact checking because the dollar amounts were so high.

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I read that Alex Trebek read over every question that was chosen for Jeopardy. I believe there were staff writers who came up with the questions.

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