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Firefox (remmeber password or Master Pw feature) Safe from hackers?

Asked by windex (2932points) September 10th, 2008

Can you be hacked if you use one a master password for every site, instead of logging-on on every site you go to? (i remember Leo was talking about a nice one on “this week in tech a couple of weeks ago, that uses the URL of the site you are visiting in addition to ur info to log-in etc.)

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Unplug your phone cable.

Done that?

Now you’re safe.

It’s unlikely that someone will specifically pick on you to get your password. But sure, if someone found your master password and had access to your computer they would be able to view all your passwords. I don’t know about Firefox’s security though, I guess it is a secure browser and if you don’t do anything stupid then you’ll be safe ;) What’s the worse they can do? Access your Amazon account? Access your bank details? If so. Change them. Monthly, just change your passwords. No master passwords. If you can’t be bothered then you can’t be that paranoid, surely, I hope all goes well though and that you never get hacked :)

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eh…I don’t have anything anyways

as long as my Lurves are SAFE!

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A tip I picked up here on Fluther: prefix (or postfix, or both, or whatever, think of your own variations) your password with the first two letters of the site it’s for. For example, if your commonly used password was “strongpassword”, then here on Fluther you’d use “flstrongpassword”. That way, if your password is compromised somewhere then it can’t automatically be checked against a lot of other sites.

Also, I’ve set a master password for Firefox, i.e. a password that you have to enter the first time each session Firefox needs to recall/store a password for you. Still, I believe the passwords might be stored in plain text which would be very unsafe.

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Firefox is safe enough, but nothing is 100% safe. A good router firewall, with Firefox 3, Firestarter, and a linux firewall between you and the router, all running on Hardened Ubuntu….That’s as safe as you can get, and it’s still only 95 if someone really hates you in particular.

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