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Tell me your favorite natural cleaning products?

Asked by JLeslie (65558points) May 3rd, 2021 from iPhone

Both homemade recipes and store bought cleaners.


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It has to be white vinegar. I see new uses for it all the time. Here’s one from today if you can see it.

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White vinegar, lye soap, and sand.

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I really love water.

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@ragingloli Funny enough I use a lot of water.

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Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner
¾ cup hydrogen peroxide.
½ cup distilled white vinegar.
1 teaspoon unscented liquid Castile soap ($16, Target)
10 drops tea tree oil.
20 drops lavender essential oil.
2 cups water.

*I use Blue Dawn instead of the Castile soap and add baking soda.

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@KNOWITALL Do you have to be careful that it might “bleach out” fabrics and other surfaces that might be susceptible to a color fade?

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I don’t use this particular cleaner on fabrics, just hard surfaces. I haven’t noticed any fading, but if you’re concerned, I’d leave out the peroxide.

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I like Better Life brand. I saw them on Shark Tank years ago and have used them (happily) since. The brand is effective and plant-based, as I recall. They are also low-fragrance. I try to avoid fragrance as much as possible.

In addition to their spray cleaners, I use their dryer sheets. Less chemicals and bio-degradable.

I’m starting to use castile soap diluted with distilled water (you could just boil your own water instead of buying distilled) for many cleaning purposes, including hand soap in a foaming soap dispenser.

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corn starch
baking soda

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