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What do you think of Liz Cheney taking on Trump and his big lies?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26236points) 1 week ago

Would Cheney be able to keep her leadership position in Capitol Hill with Trumpists in DC bent on ousting her? Thank you.

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Anyone who stands up to and challenges Trump for whatever reason plausible is by definition on the side of the angels. He is just so reliably and devotedly toxic, that it is virtually guaranteed that his position on whatever issue is at hand will be self serving and directly opposed to the public interest and that of his country.

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I give her credit. I wonder if she ever considers running for President. I feel like she is positioning herself as one of the anti-Trump Republican candidates.

I don’t see her actually getting ousted. This is the chance to really push back on the lunatics at the political leader level. See where the party winds up. I don’t think the Republican Party will break apart, I just think it’s a fight for which part of the party will dominate.

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I think she’s a fraud. She dislikes Trump because he wasn’t hawkish enough on foreign policy. Liz Cheney is almost as horrible as Trump policy wise, but has the veneer of respectability because she passes the extremely low bar of not being a racist.

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Also, Liz Cheney compared anti-war politicians to Nazi appeasers

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@rockfan Don’t forget she took a stand against gay marriage. That was really terrible. Reminder that her sister is a Lesbian.

I worked with a woman 20 years ago who had a gay son and was fine he was gay, but was against gay marriage. I couldn’t believe it. She was Jewish too, which only made me more angry. I hate when minorities have no empathy or understanding for other minorities.

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It’s a shame that her father doesn’t have a spine.

Liz Cheney has a heartfelt political stance and being crucified for it. Her father, still a power in the party, ought to tell the Trumpies to STFU.

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@elbanditoroso I feel like George Bush is doing that. I agree Dick Cheney should say something too.

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Say what you will about Cheney. I am certainly no fan of hers on most positions. But at the very least she has the grit to oppose the evil clown, and along with Romney will go down in the books as heroic as opposed to the spineless ass-suckers defining the rest of her party.

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How can you say that she “opposes the evil clown” when she thinks that Trump should’ve gone more far right wing? She basically hated the fact that he spoke like a populist. Albeit a fake populist.

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