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Bill Gates will soon be single again. Boys and girls, how are you planning to seduce the man?

Asked by ragingloli (48288points) 2 days ago

To get into his wallet.

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If I was such a person, I’d do it with a gun. (Silly question!)

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I know this is supposed to be humorous but I find it sad when any long term marriage ends.

And to answer the question, i would not want to be Mrs Bill Gates for many reasons.

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I just hope this doesn’t affect their charitable work. They have helped many people.

I’ll bet at this very moment there are lawyers squealing with glee at the thought of a slice of the settlement.

(Does this mean I need to return the Bill Gates Covid tracking antenna growing out of my crotch? I’ve grown attached to it.)

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Offer him an apple.

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Can you see Gates and Bezos’ ex-wife getting together? No money issues in that marriage.

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Well, rich powerful guys often seem to enjoy sex with young men on the side so I’ll try my luck :)

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I’m a hetero guy so seducing Gates for money could only be successful if I have the secret to immortality to offer.

Come to think of it, I’m not even sure that’s guaranteed to work. The guy may not want to live forever or longer than he was supposed to naturally.

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I had a wealthy wife, and it didn’t motivate me to stay married. We made a mistake, it ended fairly undramatically.

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He’s not my type & besides, bloke has a micro soft penis!

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Once burned twice shy comes to mind.
He most likely will remain single and play around instead?
He has to much to lose, otherwise.

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They’re splitting up? Thats sad. I liked the idea of a solid long term couple even with all the pressures of celebrity staying together in their far off mansion.

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@kneesox Me too! Joann Woodward and Paul Newman were great models.

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@janbb do you ever wonder how things worked out long term for Snow White & the Prince?

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@kneesox I wonder about all the fairy tale princes as husbands.

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Snow White’s prince probably had one exhausting time placating that woman accustomed to bossing around those 7 dwarves. God only knows what kinky things the 8 of them were up to. And what happens when you’re accustomed to nagging 7, and you’re reduced to 1? Just think of it, 7 pronounced personality disorders and one lone woman. The prince should have been scared to death.

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I hear Queen Elizabeth is available.

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