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Has anyone else noticed the new "spam risk" thing on your phones recently?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (5275points) 3 days ago

Maybe it’s been around all along, I don’t know. But i have only noticed it within the last few months. Great deal, since it helps me avoid scam artists and telemarketers (most of the time).

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With our slew of school age grand children, ranging from 1st grade to 7th grade. I think this is the best the to come down the pike. I was tired of answering unknown calls all day, on the chance it might be an emergency with one of my grand children, only to deal with some moron talking about Medicare or an extended car warranty, or a great deal on satellite TV. And they have gotten slick, they can make the call look like it comes from our own area code. I’m wondering if this is something new, and I have just been missing out for some reason.

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T-Mobile has had this for a while – Many incoming calls show “Spam Likely” on the screen.

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@elbanditoroso Mine always comes up either “spam risk”, or “telemarketer”.

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I get “Potential Spam” on my mobile and “Spam Risk” on the home phone.

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If I have this new feature I wouldn’t notice it since I’ve used a call screener app for several years.

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