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Anyone else wish this?

Asked by smudges (3212points) 2 days ago

Maybe it’s me, but a lot of the “questions” lately seem nonsensical or meant to get a rise out of people. I wish there were a “down-vote” button in addition to a “great question” button. Instead of adding points, they could be subtracted. 8)

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I have noticed a lot of this going on lately, too. I really thought it would stop or at least slow down after the election. It hasn’t though. Maybe if people quit answering the questions that are obviously meant to get a rise out of people, the stupid questions would stop.

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Are there that many questions trolling for the right wing? I’m on here multiple times each day, and I notice questions from only one user who consistently trolls. I don’t even open his questions any more. I completely ignore him. I think @chyna is right. If we stop feeding the trolls, he will get bored and go away.

Am I missing something?

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No, to me it’s like social media, don’t like it, keep scrolling.

Although if we were to debate the merits of a site without ANY politics, I could possibly be persuaded to agree.

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Kind of like the Not Interested button in the Just For You section?

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Nothing more hurtfull than opening your window and getting a couple of down rates to start the day.

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I’ve mentioned in one other question that it would be nice to have a category for such questions. It could be a “Black Spot” category, like the black spot mentioned in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, to keep in tune with Fluther.

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There’s one user who seems to like to try to troll. His questions are right wing – leaning and his comments are often insulting to the community and to individuals in the community.

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No because some one in the 20k mansion would be kicked out if they get enough stars taken away.

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No, because I’m not toxic & filled with pointless negative energy.
A trait found all to readily on sites like this, enjoy the place for what it is, ignore what’s not to your taste!

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@ucancallme_Al Agreed. If you don’t like a question, ignore it and move on. Or ask a question yourself. I’ve always been more of an answerer than an asker, but it would be nice if those who find the questions here sub-par could ask some better ones of their own. I’m all for more questions. If you think a question is asked in bad faith, the best thing to do is to avoid it and not give the asker any undue attention.

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An upvote button is good because it people from littering threads with answers that just say “I agree” or “great answer” or “me too.” A downvote button is bad because it allows people to express their disagreement or disapproval without having to think about why they disagree or disapprove. Making people express their objections in the form of an answer requires them to provide some sort of reason, which is always a good thing.

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Does such reasoning apply to our mods?

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The reasoning concerns site design, so it’s sort of an odd question. In any case, the mods regularly provide answers to people’s questions about moderation decisions. Whether or not you like their reasons is up to you, but that’s another matter entirely.

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Lately, it’s not about political agendas or particular members with known viewpoints. Like I said, maybe it’s just me, but I’m talking about questions asked by regulars which seem out of character. Questions which are truly nonsensical or which are so far-fetched as to have no real answer. I have been ignoring questions and moving on, but it gets old when there’s 15–20 or more that I have to bypass. It takes the fun out of fluther. Maybe if this kind of mindless question did get downvoted people would ask questions which required true thought and intelligence.

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Can you give an example (not an existing one, from a member, but one made up by you, in the style of such questions)?

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Yeah, also curious to hear an example or if not a specific question, then a description of the type of question you’re talking about.

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@smudges Some people don’t take this site as seriously right now and we’ve encouraged that to a degree during Covid, since so many are shut in still. Some of us are a dysfunctional ‘family’ more than anything.

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I couldn’t figure out how to write an example question so I did this:

Starting May 2nd, under the Social category, I count 7 that imo, are just asinine. Under General, I count 12; 6 of those people under General are newbies. I flagged one question and person under General, but the mods have decided to let it stay. There’s at least 2 questions that I can’t understand (written poorly) even if I wanted to answer them. And one is a homework question which, upon reading the details, isn’t looking for ‘help’ at all – it flat out wants fluther to give the answer.

Maybe I just needed to bitch. I did feel some support/commiseration in most of your answers, so thank you for that. As time passes questions will fluctuate in subject matter and my frustration will pass. I suspect many of you have felt similarly at times. Plus, it’s part and parcel of what we get on sites that ask for questions and opinions.

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@smudges I think all of us get tired of stupid questions from time to time, but those questions are often asked sincerely, and there is usually a back story that’s impossible to decipher here. We have one member who’s been here a very long time who asks questions that can be very difficult to understand. Those still get a few real attempts to answer.

Overall, the quality here is good. I’ve asked some questions needing real help and received it. I’ve answered some questions from members in dire straits and been thanked. Those are occasional instances. The average is much more mundane.

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