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Do you still go to bookstores?

Asked by Demosthenes (11993points) 1 month ago

Either to buy used or new books? I prefer used bookstores, but there are very few of them around. I can think of two that recently closed and a third that’s on its last legs. I will occasionally patronize a couple new bookstores, but I often find it hard to justify the expense. In either case, I continue to love books and will probably collect them for the rest of my life. Any other bibliophiles here?

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I haven’t for quite some time, but I love our local Barnes & Noble, along with a few other used bookstores. Several have closed in the last two years, so I’m not even sure what’s open anymore.

My reading has decreased during Covid, as I seek to be more active, so I’ve been reading more online. But of course I still have my classics and personal favorites on the shelf, including the hardcover Lassie books and others from my family, religious texts, etc….

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They are few and far between but I’ve been working on moving away from Amazon’s seductive easiness. I try to patronize our local one when I can but I am also trying to reduce the number of books I own so I use the library as much as I can.

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I will go in to suss out various titles and authors, but I mostly use my ereader now, it’s much easier for me than paper. I do love bookstores, but I spent over a decade working in various ones, so the romance of the process kinda went out of it for me. Nowadays, I am as likely to organize a display as to research new titles.

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There are no bookstores remaining in my city, or in any nearby jurisdiction. I really miss them.

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No. I buy my reading material from Amazon. Once a month.

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In many Towns and probably city neighborhoods people have constructed a small cabinet with free books to share and exchange so that any passerby can take and or leave one that they have read already.

I suppose it could be called portable libraries.

I out Tourist Town there are several of these that have nice designs and Plexiglas doors to keep the elements out .

Usually train stations have these as well situated around for passengers to enjoy and take with them .

Bus stops too.

Maybe construct one in your community?

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I frequent a bookstore in the Rockridge district of Oakland that carries both new and used books. And when I venture into San Francisco, I like to go by City Lights; I always find something interesting there.

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I suppose it could be called portable libraries.

Little Free Libraries

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@zenvelo City Lights is excellent. I know it was in danger of shuttering recently as well. Bell’s Books in Palo Alto is one of my favorites as well.

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Yes. I love book stores and spend too much money on books. I have many I’ve yet to read.

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I go to bookstores to buy stationery. I don’t buy any book from physical bookstores unless it’s something I just have to buy like textbooks. One reason is that the bookstores here just don’t have the things I need. Most books there are either stupid self-help books or stories that go nowhere. I get my books from Amazon.

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I go to Barnes and Noble and Half-Price Books very often

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@rockfan Ditto that, guilty as charged : )

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Half Price Books
University Press
Mr. Mopps
City Lights (donated to their GFM)
Kinokuniya (San Francisco)
Bookshop (Santa Cruz)
Bookman (Orange)
Books Inc
Barnes & Nobles

Have an ereader just gathering dust. When it comes to books, I’m a bit of a Luddite.

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Awww…just reading that University Press shuttered during the pandemic. :(

Haven’t been to bookstores much during this pandemic. Hope they’re still standing on the other side of this.

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Oh! And Moe’s and Black Oak Books!

I don’t go to Moe’s that much. Parking around Telegraph is kind of a pain.

And I think Black Oak moved location?

(This question makes me miss book stores. sniff)

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Last time I went to Chapter’s book store I was overwhelmed. Didn’t stop me from buying $100 worth of books.
Chapter’s is out of the way and costs me $20—$25 one way by taxi.

I get what I want and get out. When I was a child it would be normal for me to spend a hour or more reading in Coles books and ending up buying $25—$50. Going to Chapter’s was a treat. Almost as good as KFC and pizza. Or Bullwinkles.
Other bookstores have moved or closed in my city.

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