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Did you have any uncomfortable feeling after taking the Vaccine?

Asked by Lily88990 (19points) 1 month ago

I felt dizzy and cold after taking the first shot.

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Within a few minutes I felt “it” travel down my left arm to my hand and then a couple minutes later it was on my left side then up the left side of my neck and across my mouth, tasted like the stuff the dentist uses for topical numbing. It all faded within a half an hour. I know of three other people with the same reaction.

The second shot I had similar but less pronounced.


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I had Pfizer. I got a sore arm with each shot. I was lucky that I had no other side effects.

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Sore arm for a day. No other effects.

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Only a slightly sore arm with Pfeizer. No other problems.

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Just a sore arm.

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My wife and I got the Pfizer.
I had no ill effects. After the second shot, my wife felt bad for an afternoon.
My son had the J&J. He had stomach issues for a couple days.

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I got the Pfizer vac’s.

I had an occasionally sore left shoulder for about 24 hours, both times.

I did a set of armchair dips* on each occasion, and felt AOK both times.

* There is very little anatomical similarity between me and the buff foons shown in the thumbnails. ;-)

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What vaccine did you get?

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After effects are to be expected after any vaccine shot. They can range from ‘barely felt that’ to annoying, depending on the physical and MENTAL condition of the person who’s taking the shot. After all, foreign molecules are being artificially introduced into our body. That’s what vaccines are – real viruses which either are dead or made benign. Our immune systems are biologically programmed to surround these foreign cells and fight them to their death (or ours, if they fail). The immune system doesn’t know that these vaccine cells are benign, they assume the worst and start putting up a God Almighty fight. The ‘after effects’ that people experience are the result of this fight. When we have common cold, our immune system puts up a similar fight and that is why we experience slight dizziness, weakness, fatigue and even fever. Some people are able to cope with common cold much better than others. The same is the case with vaccine after effects too. Some feel it and others brush it off….maybe because they are mentally prepared for it and when it does come, they aren’t caught off guard.
After my first shot, I went and played two hours of intense badminton singles. I was happy that day, with my first step against this dreaded pandemic and wanted to ‘celebrate’ it. Woke up next day and found my body screaming at my stupidity. Intense physical activity on itself will leave your muscles sore the next day…it was magnified for me, with the immune system fight. I huffed and puffed the entire day and only towards the end of the day, I felt that I was getting back to normal….I was stupid to play….the second dose was just a few days back…and this time I wasn’t going to be stupid. I took it easy and didn’t have any body ache or other side effects, barring a slightly sore arm.

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Pfizer. Nothing after the first shot. Sore arm after the second shot.

An unwarranted feeling of joy and a desire to throw caution to the wind two weeks later. (I haven’t.)

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I had the Pfizer jab which gave me a tender arm for about 24 hours both times.

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Pfizer. I had a slight sore arm both times and was tired the next day after the first one so I just laid around all day.

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I had Moderna. sore arm the first time; flu-like for 24 hours after the second. A friend had side effects like yours after the first and was fine after the second. Another was dizzy for a while. Everyone’s is different but it’s all normal.

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I had Moderna. Sore arm with both shots, unpleasant flu-like symptoms (headache, sore joints, extreme fatigue, etc) for one day after shot #2.
One lousy day. Beats the hell out of Covid.

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Moderna first shot was just a little tiring and injection site was very sore, couldn’t touch it.

Husband got J&J, felt rough for two days. He has epilepsy but had normal reaction.

They say if your allergies are bad, you could have a rougher experience, wonder if the OP is one of those.

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Not dizzy but really tired the next day. After that, just fine.

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I felt no reaction whatsoever from the Pfizer shots. I think that I was injected with normal sailing instead of the vaccine. I’d like to have my blood tested for SARS-CoV-2 antibody titer.

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Moderna. Some soreness in my arm after both shots and fatigue the day after.

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Moderna. First shot, no noticeable side effects aside from the site of the shot being mildly achy. Second shot, similar, tho’ also had a general sense of feeling “meh” much of the rest of that day. I had my shots both at around two’ish in the afternoon and by evening of the second day, even the meh feeling was gone. I didn’t push myself into any particularly physical activities aside from walking the dog and drank what seemed like tons of water. I still don’t know why they told me to do that, but I did. Shrug.

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@AlaskaTundrea They didn’t need to tell me to stay hydrated, I was beset with a raging thirst that wouldn’t quit. I had forgotten that, it seemed odd to me as a reaction.

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I got J&J, so just got a slight fever around bed time. I took a Tylenol and felt fine the next morning. My wife also got J&J. She became really tired the next day.

Our daughter got Pfizer. She started sniffing our dog’s brain the first evening, but now she is fine. She gets her 2nd one tomorrow. We might need to put on our bike helmets until her strange brain-sniffing urges subside.

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@RocketGuy Okay, you got me on that, I burst out laughing! :)

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Moderna- super achey with nausea for 24 hour after second dose.

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I only had a sore arm.

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Right after getting the second shot, I could feel it moving down my arm. A tingling coldness.

Most symptoms didn’t hit until ~17 hours later. Sore arm, fatigue, chills, headache, bone aches and back pain were kind of expected. Did not expect the pelvic pain.

Also had some shortness of breathe which made me wonder if I had previously had covid.

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@raum @JLeslie said she felt it moving too. I had not heard of this until you two mentioned it. What an odd sensation that must’ve been and a little bit scary.

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@chyna It was more curious than scary for me. Since this was my second shot and I didn’t have this reaction to the first shot.

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I get my second Thursday morning, I’m pretty interested to see how my body reacts since I don’t get sick often. But I did take Friday off, since day two seems to be the worst.

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The most unexpected side effect was pelvic pain and just generally feeling like I had just birthed a fat baby.

On a hunch, I did some googling. And it looks like Moderna uses relaxin as one of their systemic secreted & cell surface therapeutics.

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@raum I plan on spending all day 2 in bed knocked out on Nyquil, but that makes total sense why some are saying they have heavier female cycles after Moderna.

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Made me a little nervous, because I was afraid it was causing inflammation. I don’t need my arteries getting inflamed, they are probably narrow enough as it is.

You might remember that women are advised not to get mammograms for two months after the shot because of lymph node inflammation. I know that’s different then an artery, but anyway that is what ran through my mind as it went up my left side (heart) and then went up my neck (I was thinking carotid artery).

It maybe was a nervous system reaction snd not in the soft tissues.

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I’m 16 hours past my first shot (Pfizer). My arm is a painful dead weight, my head hurts, and I feel very tired. I want to stay in bed all day, but we’re viewing some apartments instead. I’d be very sorry for myself if I didn’t feel so grateful that I even got the chance to be vaccinated.

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Oop…got to eat crow on my last comment. Their usage of relaxin isn’t specific to their covid vaccine.

I probably shouldn’t be attempting to read through medical reports while in bed, partially-dazed from my second shot. :P

@JLeslie Tingling falls under nerve inflammation according to this report

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