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Can a parent hire a babysitter or nanny for 18 years?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18833points) 1 month ago

To completely raise a child, without ever seeing the child?

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I figure some rich people probably do.

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It’s gonna be costly though; I once rented a babysitter, for an hour, and that cost me €150 ($170ish).

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@rebbel You didn;t hire a babysitter, you paid for a babysitter experience.

I suppose someone could have a team of nannies and baby sitters do that. It’s kind of what Royalty did before the last century. But what’s the point? Why have offspring f you don’t want to see or interact with them?

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@zenvelo, to have a duty to look after you and your estate in your old age, to inherit the property and carry on the family name (title, crown, etc) and to get revenge on somebody.

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@zenvelo Marquis de Sade’s dad abandoned the family and his mom went to the church just to avoid seeing him. He was sent to his uncle’s home and was mostly raised by his servants. So there were people who actually had offsprings without caring for them.

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@Mimishu1995 My father was raised by the help, pretty much like what you describe. It scarred him for life. He felt unloved, hated Christmas and Birthdays, most any celebration.

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Isn’t that what orphanages are?

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@Inspired_2write Orphanages are for orphans, children who do not have living parents.

Foster Care is for children whose parents are incapable of caring for them

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Pre-teens, teenagers and young adults who can’t get dates can sometimes have a parent hire a babysitter for them who is about their age or slightly younger.

The babysitter will be paid hourly to sit with the individual.. She may not like it, but at least she won’t have to change diapers (hopefully).

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Children attend boarding school, but it’s usually not zero contact with their parents. I have no problem with boarding school as long as the children are content with it.

I guess parents could hire someone to take care of their children 24/7 and never see their kids, but it’s neglect in my opinion. To know your parents are alive but want nothing at all to do with you is emotional neglect.

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Yes I understand that But I and my sisters were placed in an Orphanage ( 1950’s) as both parents could not economically raise five children on nothing at that time .
We were there for about five months then returned when things were economically suitable to raise us.

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^^My grandfather had the same thing happen. He was the only one put in an orphanage out of the 5 children, they couldn’t feed them all. Thank God they went to get him when they all came to America.

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Life happens not as we would expect, but at least we had been provided for in that time.

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