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Is your favorite video game remake less fun than the original?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18836points) 1 month ago

I love Civilization one.

The new ones have overwhelming graphics that takes away from the game.

What about you? What Video game updates do you hate?

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I dislike the Doom and Quake games after Quake 2.

And Myth III (which wasn’t made by Bungie).

The original Atari Star Raiders was a classic and by far the best – the later versions weren’t very good.

Dungeon Master II was about as good as the first one, though didn’t add much new. Dungeon Master 3 did add some things, but didn’t seem as well done overall.

Tigers on the Prowl 3 has resisted my efforts to get into it, due to the UI.

Combat Mission got steadily better up until Berlin To Barbarossa, but the later games seemed so much worse that I stopped playing quickly.

The Space Empires games got steadily better until Space Empires V, where the new publisher wasn’t into letting the developer improve it for years like he had with the previous games, and it wasn’t really very finished, so I never got into it even though the space battles were spectacular to watch.

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@Zaku I love Star Raiders too. I don’t have it anymore. You also need the keypad.

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The only real “remake” I can think off, as opposed to a “remaster” or “re-release” with minor alterations, is the Final Fantasy 7 remake.
And in that case, it is far worse than the original, because story-wise, the game only contains the prologue plus a few sidequests.
Sure, the graphics and gameplay are all new, but if you only give me the prologue of the original, I am not going to pay full price for only a fraction of a game.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Yeah, Star Raiders is best played on an Atari 8-bit computer (which has a keyboard) and joystick, or the Atari 5200 game console (whose joystick has buttons for it) or equivalent compatible device. What did you play it on before?

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@Zaku The keypad and two buttons controller. Destination Earth star and Star Trek bridge commander are fun too.

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Oh wow you had it for Atari 2600 on a joystick with built-in games? Interesting. I’ve actually never played the 2600 version.

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This is the 1978 version of Star Raiders on an Atari 8-bit computer.

Did the 2600 version have a galactic map, long-range scanner, damage to different ship systems, and docking at starbases for repairs?

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@Zaku Yes. The link you gave is slightly different than the one I played.

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