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Do you know if your local parents are going to get their children 12-15 vaccinated?

Asked by jca2 (11674points) 1 month ago

If you’re a parent of a teen, are you going to get your teen vaccinated?

If you are a relative or neighbor of a teen, do you know what their parents plans are as far as getting their children vaccinated?

I am the parent of an almost-14 year old and so I am considering. I think I may wait a bit – a month or two. Just curious what other parents of teens are doing.

I’m in a few FB groups for local parents and surprisingly, I haven’t seen much discussion about it, yet. My daughter has a doctor’s appointment for her annual physical, coming up in a few weeks and I’m sure the doctor is going to push it.

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My grandson (age 13) wants to get the vaccine. We talked about it last night.

I’m not sure what his parents will do.

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Everyone I know can’t wait to have their kids be safer.

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My great nephews, 13 and 15, are saying they don’t want to get it. When asked why, their answer is that other kids in school are saying they don’t want it.

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The parents I know are split. Some are going to get it ASAP. Some will wait a few weeks and see how the roll out is going. I don’t know any parents so far who are dead set against vaccinating their children, but I’m sure there must be some out there. Most of my anti-vax friends don’t have young children, although some have grandchildren.

My opinion is the same as when the vaccines were released for adults. Let the people desperate for the shot line up first, and then a few weeks later when all looks good then get yours, hers, whoever. Not only because I think it’s prudent to see if any clusters of bad reactions happen (doubtful at this point) but also because the initial clambering and crowds is usually ridiculous. Although, at this point there are so many more locations with vaccine it’s easier than the initial roll out.

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I’m wary about it. Though we will most likely get the kids vaccinated as soon as they are eligible.

Any minor reservations about getting the vaccine are outweighed by our concern about variants and our decision to send them back to school in the fall. :/

I seem to be the most cautious amongst our friends. There are a few Trump supporters in my extended family who think covid is the flu. Luckily all the ones with kids seem to be pro-science.

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Like @JLeslie it’s split with more parents I know leaning to no.

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@KNOWITALL No, they don’t plan to get it at all for their kids? My split is between parents wanting it right away or waiting a few weeks to decide.

My guess is some of my friends in TN might have grandkids who won’t get vaccinated. I haven’t talked to them though, I don’t know.

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Everyone with children are getting them vaccinated.
On the local News three year old’s were getting it and were fine.

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If I was still a parent of little ones I’d get them vaccinated ASAP. I haven’t talked to any other parents.

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The vaccine reports in Florida show the age groups, I will come back here and let you know next week how many 12–16 year olds are vaccinated the first few days. Maybe every state reports it that way?

We continue to vaccinate adults daily in Florida at a fairly steady pace, so I’m happy about that. Some states have done amazing with getting the shot into arms.

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@Inspired_2write Three year olds? In the States. it’s just recently been approved for 12–16 although there are trials going on for younger ages.

I’m sure my granddaughter who will be 5 will get it as soon as it is approved for her age.

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By sheer chance, while walking the dog, I just ran into one of the neighbors with a now eligible child. She plans to get it for him asap.

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If I could wave a magic wand I would require it for going back to school.

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Just saw this local article that schools here will be expanding their vaccine offerings to include students 12 and up. They had been vaccinating students and staff for a while now.

I don’t know if all schools across Florida are doing it, or just the local ones where I live.

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“Though we will most likely get the kids vaccinated as soon as they are eligible.”

How old are your kids?

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Whoa how’d you do that @?!

Rugrats are 11, 8 and 5. :)

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I should add though, that I’m now in the Bay Area where it’s pretty liberal.

I’m still friends with a bunch of people from my old high school in Southern California near San Diego (where it’s much more conservative). And there’s a ton of parents who aren’t going to vaccinate their kids.

It was kind of surreal realizing some of my childhood friends are pro-trump and anti-vax. Though they probably feel the same way about me. :P

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Why wouldn’t they.
It’s like a Get Out of Jail Free card

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I hovered my pointer over the hidden ¶, that appears when you move the pointer to the right of the “Flag as…” link.

Then I right clicked on it and got a popup menu that gave me the option to copy the link.

Finally, I wrote ”@raumster”: as the display text for that link.

Please feel free to play around with my user name.

Sincerely, @BrianNineteenfortysicks ;-).

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Nice trick!

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My son and daughter-in-law want my grandchildren, 12 and 15, to get their vaccinations. The kids want to get them too.

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I have an update. My 12 and 15 year old grandchildren have an appointment to get their first vaccine next Friday.

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My 13 year old neighbor is getting hers as we speak!

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They just had a segment on the local news where several kids are getting the vaccine so they can get back to a normal summer.

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