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What can I do to get my cat to stop peeing on the bed and sheets?

Asked by So_aggervated (4points) September 10th, 2008

Ok my cat started peeing on the bed after I got her fixed and she doesnt go on the same spot either. I dont understand I keep the litterbox clean and deoderized. Just recently its been for the past three nights. What should I do ?Im tired of having to wash my sheets everyday

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Get the spikey stuff that goes under carpets to hold it in place, and put that on your bed when you’re not using it (spikes up). A few weeks of that and she should stop the negative behavior.

It won’t hurt her, it’ll just bother her enough that she won’t want to be on there. Once the problem is gone, you can work on making the bed a snuggling place and not a peeing place.

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@delirium that sounds like some good advice.

I would have just suggested smacking the cat. they’re usually smart enough to realize not to do whatever it was they were doing once you catch them in the act.

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….....................NEVER HIT YOUR CAT! It will NOT understand. That will just teach it to not trust you.

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perhaps not all cats…I know my cats adore me. they sleep with me at night, and greet me when I get home.

I don’t have spikey material laying around my apartment at my disposal =)

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you can always go to the spray bottle too. doesn’t work well with my cats, they seem to enjoy licking the water off their bodies too much…strange.

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Foil also works. Cats generally won’t go where there’s foil. It sounds ridiculous but buy a cheap roll of foil, crinkle it up, and then spread it out over the bed.

@Random: You have to catch the cat in the middle of peeing for that to work. And, since it’s peeing and not, say, needless scratching, it may not work then either. The cat doesn’t really know that you’re doing it because of WHERE she’s peeing… just that she’s peeing, period.

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I guess I’m just lucky my cats are really obedient…they don’t scratch up my furniture, don’t pee anywhere but in their litter box. Or should I say, they’re lucky =) ?

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Oooh, foil is a good option, too! Nice idea!

Also, random, try some different kinds of litter. Perhaps she doesn’t like the kind that you’re getting right now. I know a few kitties who will only use wood chip litter, and some who will only use sand.

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@delirium: Your suggestion is great, but can I add something?

Set up several boxes with the different litters. Label the boxes with what litter you’re using, if you have to. Even set one up with shredded newspaper. If you keep changing litters in the same box, that might upset kitty even more.

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There might have been some trauma during the procedure. Improper elimination is often a result of a physical problem—bladder, kidneys, thyroid. Have kitty checked out. If all goes well, try some of the suggestions here.

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Ahh, excellent point. Vet first, cat psychology later.

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I would of just sold it to a korean family already. shesh

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Assassination is always an option.

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A lot of cats don’t like citrus, so you could try leaving some orange or lemon peel in a box or bowl on or next to your bed.

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I read somewhere that if a cat is peeing where you don’t want it to, put a bowl of catfood in that location. They don’t want to pee where their food is.

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