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Will we discover that Bill Gates was boinking an underage girl and thus his divorce?

Asked by TJFKAJ (265points) 1 month ago

The news media sort of hints that his marriage hit crisis level because he hung out with Jeffrey Epstein.
I gather the only reason any guy hung out with a creepazoid like Epstein was the underage girls.
So what are we to think?
Should I shoot my Windows PC and get a Mac?

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The only underage girl Bill Gates would be boinking would be a fat ugly one. So, no.

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Who is “the news media” who is hinting at this?

Also, Epstein invited everybody he could into his circle. I think it was to find the 1% (or whatever) who shared his depraved interests and to use the 99% as cover.

Princess Fergie and her kids Beatrice and Eugenie were guest of Epstein. Do you think they were in it for the underage girls?

Bill Gates has been one of Earth’s wealthiest men for a long time, with any creepy stories coming out. Bill and Melinda are divorcing, like half of married couples in the US. There is nothing sensational about it.

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I can’t imagine he’s been with an underage girl. I’m saying no to that.

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@TJFKAJ and your source is . . . . . . . . ?

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Anyone who hung out with Epstein is suspect imo. Not guilty, but I do think it’s appropriate to have healthy suspicion.

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…Bill Gates has been one of Earth’s wealthiest men for a long time, WITHOUT any creepy stories coming out…

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@kritiper What do you mean by that?

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Guess you aren’t up to snuff on the latest right wing conspiracy think. Gates is to busy playing Anti Christ and planting chips in the Covid vaccines, to mess around on his wife. Just a garden variety divorce. A bad guy and world class conspirator has to set his priorities. Get with the program, or tune in to Alex Jones, for all of the latest.

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@chyna He’s too old and wrinkly for any pretty young girl to boink.

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@Nomore_lockout Sleeping with underage children is part of the QAnon playbook, which many right wingers soak up like a sponge. Chips in vaccines, child sex trafficking, pedophiles, sterilizing Africans and making them sick with polio, that’s all messaging from the same lunatics who want to harm the United States of America.

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@JLeslie Good point. And James Bond is never around when you need him.

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It’s all over the news and internet, NY Times, etc…. That does not mean Gates was being inappropriate but maybe his wife knows a bit more than any of us.
Part of her concerns was her husband’s dealings with Epstein, as mentioned in a report in the Wall Street Journal. Melinda spoke with attorneys from several firms as early as October 2019 and said that her marriage was ‘irretrievably broken’, stated WSJ. Her concerns and unease about Bill’s ties to Epstein dates back to at least 2013, it said.

The New York Times also reported in October 2019 that Gates had met with Epstein several times. He even reportedly stayed at Epstein’s New York townhouse. The meetings reportedly took place over philanthropy.

Bill Gates told the WSJ that he did not have any business relationship or friendship with Epstein.

Before Epstein died, he named biotech venture capitalist Boris Nikolic the backup executor of his will. Nikolic had also worked as a science advisor to Bill Gates. He had recently also funded a dozen firms in gene editing and other health technologies. Nikolic told Bloomberg that Epstein did not consult him about the will and he had no intention of fulfilling the will.

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The rather peculiar thing about Epstein is that besides the fact that he was a monster, he was a very bright man of varied interests who made a point of cultivating relationships with notable and powerful men. Apparently he made a point of dangling underage girls in front of most of them, and it would be a good guess that this was the reason he was required to die in jail before he might reveal what he knew concerning his arranged dalliances with the girls in his retinue.

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