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Will freddie and fannie maes stock eventually become worthless?

Asked by isorabins (50points) September 10th, 2008 from iPhone

does it have the chance to rebound , or will it drop to zero?

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eventually?......I thought it was already worthless.

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If I had some, I’d sell it today.

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I heard an interview yesterday where it was made clear that stockholders would be the last paid/first to lose (as compared to taxpayers).

I short, this stock isn’t so hot to have in your portfolio.

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Probably good only for rewallpapering your bathroom. My condolences.

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This has been covered in detail in another thread

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Why don’t you share the link here?

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I don’t think so. I think the government bailout dramatically reduced the value of the stock but did not 100% erase it.

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@allengreen Link please No, government bailouts and other taxpayer support will prop them up until the market correction is over.(60% chance worthless, 20% chance spontaneous recovery 20% chance government bailout)

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i do not deal in shires thanks GOD but i wish it will not be lost it’s value as i do not wish any body any where lose i wish the best for every body God help them…........

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