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What laws to you not agree with, and therefore break on a routine basis?

Asked by tinyfaery (42590points) September 10th, 2008

I speed, smoke pot (and use other drugs at times), talk on my phone while driving, jay walk, and make illegal left turns.

I’m not talking about murder, assault, or theft. I’m just curious about what laws people choose to follow, and which they ignore.

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public nudity laws

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Speeding is about the only thing I engage in that could be considered breaking the law. Man, I’m boring.

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ooh oh i have a good one! after i got hit by a car, i stopped riding my bike on the street. now i only ride it on the sidewalk!

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copyright laws.

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The barefoot while driving law.
Oh and the light on inside the car law.
I’m not even totally sure if either of these are laws, I’ve just heard they are.
I also smoke weed, drink underage, speed, talk and text on the phone while driving, and jay walk

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@ aneeleinthehayy – what state, or country do you live in?

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i loove driving barefoot! it’s pretty much my favorite way to drive!
the ppl who wrote that law must have NEVER tried driving in heels. it just feels weird!

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Oh, I don’t know there. I know some of them.

@ La Chica gomela I don’t know how you drive in heels. Heck I don’t Know how you walk in them

To be honest it took me almost a month to get used to wearing a skirt

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I was just joking on that last part. the first two statements were true in that I look at high heels and, imagining the physics involved, don’t understand how you do it.

then playing off the subtle implication of me driving in heels and being a male, I tried to make a joke about at last being able to wear a skirt.

sorry I am on hour 16 of a 200 photo retouching marathon and getting goofy.

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Trespassing. Not necessarily because I disagree with it, but because my curiosity outweighs the threat of getting caught. (I love exploring abandoned buildings.) And also outweighs the threat of falling through a rotten floorboard. (In which case, I’d just be helping the Darwin theory along.)

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I break the law of gravity quite often.

I really enjoy flying, but the problem is that when some folks see me do that, they point and laugh at me, and then start with all of those nasty and cruel kryptonite jokes.

One person called me Hancock, and that really hurted my feelings…

Made me cry, too…

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Nearly all of the ones named above, save public nudity, underage drinking, and gravity.

#1 has to be copyright infringement… I’ve been doing that since I was little. Where is the line?

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I once got chased by a meter maid who was shouting at me that it was illegal to feed other people’s meters. I think riding in those damn things all day totally atrophied her legs, as I was able to easily outrun her (and I am dreadfully out of shape).

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And by outrun, I mean quickly walked (while still shoving nickels in every expired meter I passed).

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I used to feed expired meters, too.

I found that metal slugs worked very well in them.

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Most laws that relate to the RIAA.

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i speed, talk on the phone while driving, jaywalk, i used to be an underage drinker, that’s about it i can think of

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nobody has mentioned sodomy. isn’t sodomy illegal in a lot of states? do many people not like sodomy? ;)

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How many folks are willing to publicly admit here, even under the cloak of anonymity, that they like to Sodom?

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I wouldn’t say I don’t agree with these laws (I think they are in place for a reason), but I do this stuff anyway – speed, jaywalk, copyright. I talk on the phone, but not long “let’s talk the whole time I drive conversations”, they are more of the “Hi, since you are going grocery shopping, can you pick up some tomatoes for me please?” quick convos.

We discussed this talking on phone while driving issue at length here and since then I have been even more cautious.

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as for admitting we like something illegal, for example sodomy, if we admitted it would we expect the police to come to the door and take us away?

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Admission alone is insufficient for conviction, unless the defendant wishes to enter a guilty plea to formal charges.

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You people who do all that crap while driving put me and all the others who don’t at horrible risks. Shame on you all.

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Just for the record, I’m an excellent driver. I’ve had my license for 20 years. I’ve never had a ticket, and never been in an accident. I’m a better driver while on my cell phone, than most drivers whom are sober and paying complete attention to the road.

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Let me go and set up another profile, and then I’ll come back and answer this one….

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@tiny: I don’t mean to start an argument here, but so what? Laws are laws for a reason. I understand that you may be an excellent driver, but that doesn’t justify risking your life and the lives of all the others on the road just so you can talk to someone on the phone for 15 minutes. I know people will disagree with me, but this is one of those subjects that I am very passionate about. It just seems very irresponsible and ignorant to make the assumption that just because these bad things have never happened to you will mean that they never will. Maybe you won’t be the person that slams into the back end of some sedan, but maybe the driver of that sedan slams into you because he was chatting away, not paying attention.

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another thing i have done and probably many people have at one time or other is had a few too many drinks and drove. i have not done this for about 10 years, since now there’s great public awareness about drinking and driving, and i don’t usually drink anyway now, but when i was young i drank and drove often. thank god i never got caught.

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don’t you mean thank god you never got hurt or hurt anyone else?

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I don’t talk on the phone 15 minutes unless it’s work related, and then I am not in my car. Plus, the same thing could happen if I was eating or changing the radio station. Phone laws are stupid. If we can’t talk on the phone, we shouldn’t be able to have music, eat, talk to passengers etc…

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@tinyfaery – I am sorry but that is just wrong wrong wrong. They are just not the same.

I have kept quiet on this but I have lost two people to accidents where the other drivers where using their cellphones.

I have followed this and read more than I want to in an attempt to find closure. It all points to one thing. Talking on a cell phone is not the same as talking to a person, and more distracting than changing the radio station. Eating isn’t a great idea either for obvious reasons, but “everybody does it” right.

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Sorry Bri. But it can happen to anyone, for any reason. That’s why they are called accidents.

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Prevent it
Warning! This video is horribly disturbing, but hey. It get s the point across.
There are NO accidents.

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@ tinyfaery – That isn’t an argument, that is a cop-out used to coverup an opinion based on just that, opinion. Opions like that are why I have two less people in my life.

The part that can happen to anyone, for any reason, occurs BECAUSE of the lack of vehicle control of the self involved people talking on the phone. It is NO ACCIDENT that they choose to use the phone while they drive. Don’t try to use that line to excuse the people who made that choice ON PURPOSE.

The tragedy that isn’t an accident, the one that you have reduced to an uninformed cliché and shown less than zero sympathy for here, are the people in the car that get hit and died.

I won’t be discussing this with you anymore as I believe I may crossing the line and belittling my loss. That would be my fault for letting my emotion get the better of me. I guess I was better not bringing that into it.

Enjoy the last word if you choose.

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texting and driving is just plain ignorant. You’d gave to be a real moron to do that. :(

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Smoke A LOT of weed, take other illicit drugs, speed,text while driving, drive barefoot(no clue why this is against the law, but i love doing it), download tons of torrents(fuck the RIAA)

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The one law I break is speeding. I used to text then one day going to work a young guy was texting (we found out later on) and hit the back of a bus filled with school kids and was killed instantly. Thankfully the kids were ok. So that scared me into not doing that anymore.

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