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What is the catch for joining this site offering free downloads?

Asked by LostInParadise (28951points) May 15th, 2021

I use this site only as an example. I have seen similar offers before. They say that a regular membership is free and they say that they will not send ads. It sounds too good to be true. Why should I not sign up?

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I don’t see them saying it’s free. There’s a 5-day free trial (that you doubtless need to give them your CC info for). “Memberships start as low as $11.95”.

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If anything sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

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@Zaku , Under the banner of Free Unlimited Access, they say “Check out our Basic Membership, which is free to use forever and has select content depending on your country…”

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Are we looking at the same page? I don’t see that on the page you linked.

Even more mysterious and ominous… I decided to search for the string you gave: “Check out our Basic Membership, which is free to use forever and has select content depending on your country”. and I find that there are quite a few web sites all with generic random-ish names which show matches for that phrase:

But when I follow the links to them, it shows a page that reloads and shows me a page almost identical to, but with a different name, and they do not display that phrase.

I also found two similar categories of site with that google search.

1) Sites that appear to match, but have some bug that don’t display properly.
2) Sites that match that string, and are the same kind of site, and ALSO have several pages with nearly-identical-to-each-other layout and content and (non-free) fee structure and pseudo-random names, but have different graphics and arrangement from the first group.

Given all that, these groups of sites all look corrupt to me. I wouldn’t trust them with my credit card or any other real information, though it’s possible their only scam is getting people to pay for public domain info and/or US copyright intent bypassing or violations.

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The general opinion on social media are they are a scam.

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