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Is it dangerous to walk around with shoelaces untied?

Asked by flo (13313points) May 15th, 2021

It seems obvious to me that it is. But in what way exactly, is it dangerous? What are some of the examples?

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Getting a lace caught up in a revolving lawn mower blade.
Getting the lace caught up in an escalator.
Tripping over a lace when trying to evade a rapidly oncoming automobile.
Getting a lace caught in a bicycle chain while going down a steep hill.

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@kritiper Yes. But is it my imagination or is trendy now to walk around with untied shoe laces, the same way it’s trendy to spit on the sidewalk etc., ..

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Only if you trip. I have tripped on my own laces. Not enjoyable.

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@elbanditoroso You didn’t end up in the hospital, I guess.

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My guess is that the greatest threat with long laces is in stepping on them with the opposing foot while walking. If it happens once, it’s a lesson you don’t forget.

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Someone can inadvertently step on the laces and send you tumbling without even realizing they did it. And I’d be really careful around escalators.

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No more dangerous than running with scissors.

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Here’s a personal example. I was riding down an escalator and didn’t realize my shoelace was untied. When I reached the bottom the shoelace got stuck.

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If they are touching the floor you can trip. If they are just leaving your shoes lose and not touching the floor it can leave your shoes less supportive, which is not necessarily terrible depending on the particular shoe.

The escalator example is one I thought of too having worked and shopped in many malls and department stores.

Always double knot your laces, especially when exercising.

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I avoid any potential hazards by double knotting & tucking my laces in.

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Yes its an accident waiting to happen.
Avoid it by getting these new products that are no tie laces and are safer.

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Thanks all.

What’s the con about velcro?

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As long as you don’t trip.

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That certainly qualifies as dangerous.

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