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Does transferring perfume from its spray bottle into a small glass bottle affect its composition?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26359points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

Following the TSA 3–1-1 guidelines on how much liquids, gels and aerosols are allowed in carry on bags, the amount of perfume I have right now wouldn’t do so I’m thinking of spraying some into a small glass bottle with a screw cap. Would this affect the perfume’s strength? Thank you.

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You might lose some to evaporation etc in the process, but otherwise no.

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Throw (place) in your suitcase (checked luggage)?

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Yes, it would affect the strength of fragrance. That is why perfumes are stored in air tight bottles (even the non aerosol ones).

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In addition to what @AK said, there might be something in the bottle you are pouring into that mixes poorly with the fragrance. You might try a little and see what happens.

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^^Soaped, rinsed and dried the bottle twice. Will definitely try this and hoping my nose is good enough to find out how much fragrance was lost.

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