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What do you personally do to get a song out of your head?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20181points) 3 weeks ago

I have had this song rolling around in my head for over a week now.


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I think of another catchy song or piece of music that I don’t mind being stuck in my head, and/or play other music.

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OK, this is weird, but it works for me. If you ever watched Big Bang Theory, you are probably familiar with the song Soft Kitty. When I have an ear worm, I sing Soft Kitty a few times. For me,it gets rid of the ear worm, but it is so innocuous that it doesn’t then become an ear worm.

Good luck!

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@Zaku I have tried that.
Didn’t work.

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@canidmajor I will give that a go,but I aint going to hold out for a whole lot of hope.

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My mind automatically drifts to select any number of assorted alternatives…easy really.

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I do something active. Like taking a shower, or preparing food. I hope it works out for you.

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I made up a complicated tune that almost always clears the earworm cache.

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A wing a wet a wing a wet…..

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I try to read or watch TV, sometimes it works, sometimes not. My sis called me last night, and we were talking about old songs our mom and dad had liked. She told me that mom had always liked Begin the Beguine. Wasn’t familiar with it so I checked it out on You Tube, and couldn’t get the damn lyrics out of my head, till I found my new magazine. Kind of a classy tune, for old school. LOL. Pain in the ass to play over and over in your head though. Not my kind of music.

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Nothing. It just happens.

This link here. Click at your own risk.

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Usually a night’s sleep will clear the screen, but not always. The thing that drives me crazy is that more often than not, it will be a tune or jingle that I don’t care for and often loathe. Sorry SQUEEK. It reminds me of my mom. Whenever I would moan or complain the retort would be “It isn’t brain cancer”.

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LOL!! “It isn’t brain cancer.” I have to remember that!

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