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Here is the very last COVID AMA thread?

Asked by Caravanfan (9958points) 3 weeks ago

This will be the last one I do in this series.
Here are the FAQ:

1) Yes, you should get a vaccine
2) No, it doesn’t matter which vaccine
3) If you don’t think you need to get a vaccine you’re wrong
4) If you try to talk anybody else into not getting a vaccine you’re an asshole and quite possibly a murderer, and if you say so on this thread I’m going to call you a murdering asshole, with a possible f-bomb somewhere in the response.
5) I’m now in agreement with some crazy dude and think that going maskless is OK if it’s not a big crowd IF you’re vaccinated.

Here is the link to a previous thread.

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I’ve been fully vaccinated. Can I be a carrier to someone who is not vaccinated by being around people who refuse to get vaccinated and have Covid?

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I got my second Moderna shot last week. Should I still be mask wearing until it’s been two weeks past?

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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How is the situation in the US right now, now that vaccination is a thing? Does it help with anything? I haven’t heard about the US in the news for a while so just wondering how everyone is holding out.

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Yes on getting the vaccine.

US is improving. Cases are dropping and hospitalizations are leveling off at a low rumble. We have 2 in our hospital, one who has been there for 2 months and has had an extremely slow rehab and another who refused the vaccine and will likely die. But it’s way better than the 30 cases we had in January.

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Looking to fly from Boston to Nashville in about a month. We are all fully vaccinated and wear our masks. Any travel tips or precautions?

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Before Covid what was the recommendations for hand washing at home? Also will that change permanently?

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How concerned should be over the situation in India given the current death rate seems to be vastly under reported by a factor of 10–20? (Official figures 5000 a day , figures from journalists investigating hospitals and morgues 60–100,000 a day)

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How are you holding up after such a devastating year, @Caravanfan ?

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Any news on variants in the US causing problems for the fully vaxxed?
Thank you for doing these Q’s, very thoughtful.

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I fully agree. There has been an upsurge of cases of the Indian variant in Bolton in the UK. The vast majority of people being hospitalised were offered the vaccine but chose not to take it. Some of them will not survive. The vaccines are effective at keeping you out of hospital – you’d be foolish not to take it.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I would keep the hand washing routine up and the surface cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom, minus the freaking out if you miss or forget once (speaking for myself here). Good handwashing habits when you get home from doing anything outside or at another a shopping centre is a good habit to have. Just, when you get home, before you go around touching everything, go to the sink and wash with soap and water to the song of your choice. I mix it up with either Happy Birthday (in what ever language) or an alphabet song.

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@cookieman Keep your mask on, get hand sanitzer and sanitize everything, alcohol wipes for the tray tables, and consider not eating anything they give you

@RedDeerGuy1 Wash your hands as normal

@Lightlyseared Very, although I’m hoping the vaccine will work for them.

@janbb I’m doing much better, thanks.

@KNOWITALL As far as I can tell, the vaccine will protect against the variants.

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@Caravanfan Okay, I was just curious as my vaxx clinic said we’ll all need boosters by the end of the year, so I wasn’t sure if that was about the variants or something different.

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@KNOWITALL I’ve heard that as well. AFAIK it has more to do with the nature of vaccine, any vaccine. It’s not because of the variants.

I’m not a medical expert,
so I’m asking the doc (@Caravanfan) to confirm or correct my statement.

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@Strauss Sure. I just hope it’s through our regular doc instead of another ‘event’, either way.

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Good question. I’m looking for that answer, too.

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I just want to thank you for doing these threads and putting up with us. Your experience and insight has been appreciated.

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^^ Agreed!!

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Literally nobody knows right now about the booster issue.

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I got J&J. I’m still wearing a mask going to indoor public places. Still not eating in restaurants. Doing takeout regularly, though.

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@KNOWITALL I just hope it’s through our regular doc

I talked to my PCP last month and he seemed to think it’s eventually gonna be a regular vaccination booster that you can get at your own health pro or at a pharmacy.

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I see there was a comment moderated about someone hesitant to get the vaccine because they already had COVID. (There was more in that post, but I will refrain).

I want to be absolutely 100% crystal clear: And I’m going to write it in all caps so people will see it. I am also yelling.



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Jeez, why does it have to be a matter whether it’s too late/early to be vaccinated? The vaccine is good for you, period.

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Thank you again @Caravanfan for all you do sir.

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@Mimishu1995 Are people in your country getting them?

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@KNOWITALL Only the people who are of the “high-risk” category like doctors.

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What are your thoughts on traveling outside of the US to, say Aruba?

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@cookieman If it were me I would only go if the population on the other side was mostly vaccinated.

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Thank you.

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What it the name of the Covid variant that starts with the letter “d”.

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I just heard it on CNN the “Delta” variant.

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Some of you may be interested to know my anti-vaxxer friend just told me the whole family currently has Covid. Including two children under ten years old.

I have no idea what to say so I just said I hope you feel better soon.

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That’s sad to hear. I hope no one is tempted to gloat. At the same time, I do wonder if this changes her views on vaccinations any.

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@kneesox No gloating here, the baby is three and has the fever. So scary. The 9 year old has a mild case, mom and daughter got the bad version.

After she’s better I’ll ask her if her opiniin changed but knowing her religious objection, she’ll say it wasn’t bad and now has antibodies. Essentially ‘oh well.’

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Oh, @KNOWITALL, that is awful. I personally don’t know anyone that would gloat about that.

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Would it happen to be the case, not only that they didn’t vax but also that they didn’t mask and also hung out with others who were likewise exposed?

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@kneesox Absolutely never seen them in a mask for the entire pandemic.
Her best friend tested positive and called since they hung out Friday night.

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Well, her friend believed in the fact of the virus enough to get a test. I guess that’s something.

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@kneesox Yes she does love the kids. I was so afraid this would happen but they are so sure its a non-issue. She is posting it on facebook so maybe the others will take heed.

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