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When the Pandemic is officially over, will you do anything different in your daily life?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20181points) 3 weeks ago

Will you call in sick from work when your ill?
Will you practice social distancing in public?
Or will it change anything at all?

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1) it will never be officially over. It’s here for good.

2) I’m going to make a point of being rude to people who tell me that they never wore masks.

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I will burn my masks. Useless, hateful things.

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I wish you well ! @seawulf575

Hope you don’t kill someone being mask-less !

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@Tropical_Willie I’ve had Covid. I’m pretty sure I gave it to my step son who in turn gave it to my wife. Despite the fear mongering, we all lived quite easily. After all, a huge majority of those that get it do live. But tell me, how would I know if I gave it to someone? Of try this one: how would I find out who gave it to me?

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It is not “smoke and mirrors” and it is not a Democratic Party hoax !

It is science and facts.

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@Tropical_Willie It’s a plot by Republicans to kill all the Dems. They don’t wear masks because Q of QANON (Putin) gave them the antidote. These are the same conspirators who used Monica Lewinsky as a crisis actor to frame Bill Clinton in the 90s. And hacked Hillary’s computer for the Benghazi Email Hoax. Stay tuned,,,,

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@seawulf575 were you or your wife tested for covid?
Or did you just asume it was covid.
And you said you lived through it easily, I wonder what the 600,000+ of your countries citizens that died from it did wrong?

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Aw, c’mon, guys, give @seawulf575 a break. It’s not nice to harass someone who has such an abject fear of a small face covering. I have an abject fear of large wasps and I hate being ribbed about that.

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You’re right @canidmajor I just wish he would answer that he and his were tested and confirmed that they had covid.

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I will wear a mask if I’m sick and have to go out. I usually tried to avoid infecting others already, and usually stay home the guest few days of an illness. I will wear a mask or shield when traveling.

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Masturbate less.
Or same amount, but with my left hand.
Looks very weird now.

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Spend less on useless items not really needed.

Hopefully visit my son who lives in another City for get together with good times.

Pay off credit card fully since a Recession is expected and interest rates will soar.

Stay healthy, eat healthy, keep fit .

Usually every Spring, Summer I go hiking the trails and photographing on the way.

This Summer supposedly end of June the Town will be open to Tourists and I hope to

venture further out into other areas of interest, whether in the National Park system or

throughout the province and or other provinces of Canada as well.

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@Tropical_Willie I didn’t come in contact with anyone that I know of that was Covid positive. Yet I got it. So contact tracing isn’t the answer. As soon as I felt sick, I isolated myself. Contact tracing only worked to the point of our immediate family. But I got it from somewhere.
Oops…your science and facts sort of fell flat on this one. I still can’t tell you where I got it.
@SQUEEKY2 yes, I did get tested and was tested positive. As was my step-son. As was my wife. We all isolated as soon as we found out we were positive. My step son and wife quarantined themselves from society when I tested positive, i quarantined as best I could from society AND them. I moved into a spare room for 10 days, emerging only to use the bathroom and occasionally eat something. I wore gloves at all times and wiped down everything I may have touched with disinfectant wipes. When my step-son tested positive, he isolated in his room the same way and my wife extended her quarantine another week. And then she tested positive, so she continued quarantining.

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@Nomore_lockout you pretty much hit all the conspiracy theories the left is touting these days…good job! Of course none of them are vaguely realistic and you have to ignore facts to make them even a conspiracy, but then that is today’s left. Carry on.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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Yeah, The Left and their conspiracy theories.

@seawulf575 How is the search for bamboo fibers in the Arizona ballots going?

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While I think both sides have their own conspiracy theories the right has the top spot hands down.
And @Call_Me_Jay that is a new one.
How about the California wild fires were started by Jewish laser beams from outer space.
Or the Clintons brought down JFK Jr’s plane.
All you have to do is listen to M, Taylor Green for 5 seconds and you get at least a dozen wacked out theories from that nut job.

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Anyway, back to the question…

I’m going to feel a little naked without a mask. It’s going to be funny discovering that coworkers no longer look like the people I know. Vaccinated people won’t have to wear masks at my job beginning May 24th (five days from now).

Compared to olden times, I will be more diligent about handwashing and avoiding sneezing and coughing amongst others.

Like @Inspired_2write, I hope to be continue to be more focused on the social and natural joys of life, and less on consumer consumption.

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I believe that seawulf575 missed the sarcasm completely. @SQUEEKY2 It’s common knowledge that Republicans planted a bomb on JFK Jrs. plane. : )

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