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In simple terms what is the difference between a cupcake and a muffin?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20192points) 1 month ago

No details this time.

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I think the batter can or might be very similar for both, so I’d say the difference is that a cupcake will have icing and a muffin will not.

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A cupcake is made from cake batter. A muffin is made from a quick bread recipe.

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cupcake cake batter and icing

muffin is quick bread batter no icing

What does that make a cinnamon bun with icing ?


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Cupcake — always sweet, usually frosted.

Muffin — sometimes sweet, occasionally frosted.

Both are annoying pet names when you’re in love.

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@Tropical_Willie It makes it “a cinnamon bun with icing ”

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One is a cake and the other is a bread.

A cupcake without frosting is a still a cupcake. You can’t frost a muffin and call it a cupcake. It’s the composition, not the frosting, that makes it what it is.

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@cookieman I would be offended if someone called me muffin especially in my present “Covid muffin top” state. Yes I’m blaming Covid, don’t cross me Cupcake.

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A cupcake has a little paper cup, a muffin does not. And a cupcake is usually sweeter. And I have never seen a muffin with frosting, although it could happen.

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@SQUEEKY2 I think a cupcake has finer texture than a muffin.

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Muffins have paper cups too, even cornbread muffins have paper cups sometimes. Cupcakes don’t have a “top”.

Muffins have a top, the best part of the Muffin.

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A cupcake is the result of a cake batter. A muffin is made up of generally other ingredients that don’t include baking powder. It’s a soda cake, made of baking soda.

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Top or no top depends on fill. When I make cupcakes some of them have tops. You can make muffins or cupcakes with or without the paper cup. For pete sake, it’s the ingredients and not the shape or what you put under, around or on top.

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One is socially-acceptable to eat for breakfast. :P

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@raum Cupcakes, right?

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I’ve eaten birthday cake for breakfast so why not a cupcake? Come to think of it, I’ve done that too.

Who cares what’s socially acceptable when there’s nobody around to see you and there’s cupcakes.

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^^ Me too. And I have chocolate every morning after my toast but sshh – don’t telly anyone.

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Cake for breakfast is the way to go!

The running joke is that muffins are just for people who won’t admit they’re eating cupcakes for breakfast. :P

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@janbb What kind of chocolate?

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@chyna Ah – that’s between me and Mr Cadbury.

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@chyna: I’m right there with you. Have certainly gained some pandemic pudge.

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Putting a pretty shirt over your muffin top does not make it a cupcake.

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Now you’ve done it! I’ll be at the bakery in the morning when the doors open.

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Yeah? for Muffins ,or cupcakes??^^

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Well, okay…....

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Texture and weight

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If you want to talk about size and shape, that’s the difference between a cupcake and a cake.

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When my oldest granddaughter and her little brother, who was a picky eater, were at my house they wanted food. All I had were corn meal muffins. Little brother declined and went out to play.
Big sister hatched a plan. She told me to put peanut butter on one. It looked just like a cup cake!
I asked if I should make one for little brother.
She said No. He’ll know it’s a trick if we give him one. Her plan was to go out and eat it in front of him while ignoring him! Little brother ate 3 of them!
Conniving girl!!

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