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Has anyone else ever sneezed and hiccuped at the same time?

Asked by Nimis (13255points) September 11th, 2008 from iPhone

I have—and it hurt! I was wondering how uncommon this was. (No one I asked had ever.) And if my experience of it was atypical.

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Yes, and it is very painful. With me it feels like the inside of my throat is being scraped with sand paper at 100 mph.

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I heard it’s deadly. Never has happened to me though.

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I have and it sucks. It felt like my throat was going to explode.

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sort of on the same scale as simultaneous belch with bowel movement.

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It HURTS. I’ve done it before.

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no but when I was in 1st grade I yawned and hiccuped at the same time and my gym teacher made me stand in the corner for making a noise :(

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Now I can’t sneeze! I need to sneeze, which made me think of this question, which made me think of hiccupping, with distracted me from my sneeze, which made me over think sneezing, which, well, you get the idea, now I feel all plugged up. I even tried looking at a bright light and that didn’t help….yikes! :0)

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It’s very painful.

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Then don’t try sneezing, hiccuping and sucking at the same time.

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4/9 (or 5/10 counting me) That’s a lot more common than I thought! (Or Flutherers are just an odd demographic?)

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I wonder why it hurts?

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Yep. Hurts like hell! Ooh. Another random childhood memory…

Back in the 4th grade, we had a kid in our class who managed to sneeze and puke at the same time. Covered the entire room with his gut-shrapnel. And you can imagine what happened next. It’s one of those moments that if time travel were possible, I’d go back to film it. I dimly remember the look on our teacher’s face. THAT’s what I’d like to have most on film.

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Sacaver: That’s amazing/disgusting. It strikes awe in me, therefore it is awesome.

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@sacaver: I can’t stop LAUGHING!!

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Yeah! Ow!!

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i herd that if that happens you should see a doctor if that happens it maybe because something is wrong with your organs in side you or something else wrong with you.

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thanks, sacaver. i’m laughing out loud and my brother thinks i’m grody for finding that story to be so funny.

i’m intrigued by raceboy’s answer. i want to research that now.

oh, and yes, i have. it hurt.

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yes it has happened to me maybe 2 times in my life. It did hurt a little. someone told me your heart stops when it happens lol ?! but then again that same person said if u sneeze with your eyes open your eyeballs will come out lol eww

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