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Did you make the same mistake that I did ordering steak from a restaurant? (Details Inside)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24655points) May 23rd, 2021

I thought that “well done” was done well, and was the best because I wrongly thought that pink steak had cooties. Now I know better and cook my own meat medium, and ribs instead.

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No I never make that mistake.
Eating undercooked beef can have “cooties” like various species of tapeworms and harmful bacteria. Personally I like to eat my parasites well done. HA!

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When it comes to possible cooties in meat, pork is the one to really worry about.
(For the record, I ask for my steak to be “medium well.”)

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No, I never made that mistake because my father taught us about “rare” to “ well done” over the Aunday roast. My parents also taught me to not worry about beef, but to cook pork all the way through, and fowl to 165 degrees F to kill bacteria.

I hate to break it to you @RedDeerGuy1, but meat doesn’t have cooties, only kids have cooties.

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Medium rare here.

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When we first got together Rick used to ask for his steak “Well done.” Then dad turned over in his grave….

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I have had Steak tartare in several restaurants including Montreal fifty years ago. Also in a restaurant in Palm Beach Florida in the mid 1980s.
Steak tartare is chopped meat that they chop at the table and make a dressing or raw sauce from capers and raw egg.

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The only steak I ever ordered was a kangaroo steak. I ordered it medium, but it was still pretty tough.

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Cooties? In steak? I thought only little girls had cooties. ~

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Medium rare here but willing to try the Pittsburgh, sounds great.

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@chyna HA! and here I thought that only little boys had cooties!

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I love pink as a colour and used to wear it often as a child. I like Pink coastal sand and stucco walls—and it only stands to reason that I would like pink steak as well.

What matters is the searing temperature the outside surface (the part that was cut) is cooked to the proper temperature,

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The biggest mistake I have made regarding steak was when I ordered Steak Tartare.

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Medium raw or well burned for me…either way, you just can’t beat steak with a stick.

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