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What do you think of the color pink?

Asked by LostInParadise (28942points) May 23rd, 2021

I don’t much like it and think it is unfortunate that it is associated with women. Pink is not in the rainbow and does not show up all that much in nature. The most notable exception that I can think of is flamingos. There is not much use of pink for manufactured items either other than pink outfits for baby girls.

A Web search turned up results like the following According to the article, blue is preferred by both men and women.

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Never been very keen on it myself.

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It’s not my favourite colour but it has its place. You might find this interesting

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I always thought it stood for red, the power color.

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I have bad associations with pink, so Ihave never really liked it.

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It’s fine on birthday cakes and lingerie.

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Not much. My 22 yr old Granddaughter is having one of those gender reveal things next week, and had told me and Beth (her Nanna) to wear what color we think the baby will be. Pink for a girl of course, blue for boy. Told her I think it might be a girl but NO way is PawPaw wearing pink. Hell to the no.

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I’m not a pink person.

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I’m not fond of pink, but it sure does show up in nature. Flowers. Pink seems to be the commonest color. I like purple, blue, yellow, and white flowers, and even orange, better than pink and red ones, but I have to make an effort to stay clear of them.

This is one of those things, cultural I guess, where it’s assumed all women like pink, all women love shopping, all women are more emotional than men, etc., just as if we hadn’t advanced beyond a 1950s sitcom. Are little girls taught to adore pink by commercials and toys and so on? Do they even have a choice?

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I was kind of indifferent to pink growing up. Maybe in response to feeling like it was socially-hoisted on girls. But now that I’m older, I think it’s a very interesting color. It seems to elicit the strongest response from people either way.

An interesting quote from the article that @flutherother linked:

The insistence upon socializing women to identify with a color that doesn’t exist in the ‘real world’ is, to me, a testament towards the patriarchal hierarchies that work to keep women submissive in everyday life.

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I was at the hardware store when I spied this guy at the check out line. He had on a pink t-shirt with the name of the company.he worked for emblazoned on the back.
I slipped into line behind him and snarled “Real men don’t wear pink!!! You need to go home and change!”
Dude turned around and said “Hi Ma!” And hugged me! My son has enough self security and self confidence for 5 men.

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I was wearing a pink tee shirt today. I own two in slightly different shades.

Years ago, in my Sicilian, vaguely-Mafioso family, it was not uncommon to see a guy in a grey suit with pink dress shirt.

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Actually pink is found in nature. Just Google pink flowers.

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I think I look good in a pink polo.

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I like pink flowers, pink clothes, for myself, not usually. Sometimes.

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I don’t really think about it. But then again I don’t really think about any color alone really. I only care if the color fit the scene. I used pink for the background of at least two of my pictures, and I don’t see any problem.

And we can all agree that the Pink Panther is endearing right :)

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I love pink.

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@Dutchess_III, that’s exactly what I said.

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Your Binky Mad Hatter is beautiful! :-D

If I had a psychedelic den, I’d hire you to do the walls. :) If you felt like channeling Michelangelo, you do my ceiling too!

Your characters resemble the ones in Garfield, except that yours don’t have thyroid issues. ;-)

Also, where is the pink in Untitled126?

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…you could do my ceiling too!

Here’s a better image of Jon Arbuckle.

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@Brian yes, the characters are drawn in Garfield style. In fact, the guy with brown hair is Jon Arbuckle :D I just enjoy putting Jon in various costumes for my drawing practice. And so far I like the Revolutionary War costume the most. And the two guys with white and gray hair are just there to accompany Jon for the picture.

The background of Untitled126 doesn’t look pink to you? And besides you can already see pink in Jon’s ribbon :P

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I like it, As a child, it washed out my fair / blond haired appearance but I wore it often, and I was even a boy. Had to quit wearing it in my early teens (13 / 14) because I got beat up too much for it,.

In any case, I like it as a color for stucco, shells, Bermuda sand, and as an element (main or accent) for coastal colour schemes.

Its actually a strong, coastal, beachy, celestial twilight colour. Quit the idea that it is just for fairy princesses.

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I’ve never liked pink. My husband has a pink dress shirt, though, and he looks great in it.

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Although it was mentioned in the Question that it isn’t in the rainbow, it is in the color spectrum nonetheless, as seen fierily frequently in crystal.

It is in the sky as well—seen in strong sunsets, along with orange and peachy colours, and goes well with red/violet, purple violet, fuscia,,amethyst beige, sand, orange sherbet, orange cat (which are male), all the glowing colours between red and blue,

It can be in that family of colours that glows strongly at twilight, and like I said earlier, crystal and evening sunsets. It is one of the key colours of Prepdom,I also like it in stucco, shells, and the sand of beaches in Bermuda.

I think it is the association with tacky plastic flamingos, baby girls, tacky princess fairy castle toys, and the little girls’ restroom that is what you really despise.

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“The background of Untitled126 doesn’t look pink to you? And besides you can already see pink in Jon’s ribbon :P”

The only background color I see is white.

Now that you’ve mentioned it, I do see Jon’s pink ribbon. I also noticed his severely injured left eye! :-o WTF happened?! Didn’t he put enough cheese on Garfield’s pizza?

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I like pink, in that is a controversial color.
I own some pink clothes; a t-shirt, a beach short with flamingos.
It suits me, or so I believe.
And my opinion is the one that counts.

A goalkeeper of a local soccer team here, started the season in a pink kit, some years ago.
It got so ridiculed, and there was so much (homophobic) remarks and aggression, that the team decided to change his kit to a different color.
In Italy though, there’s whole teams, or the goalkeeper alone, who wear pink, with pride (not gay pride though).
So it’s also culturally determined how pink is received….

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@Brian1946 The scar is inspired by Jon’s appearance in this video. But since even the video doesn’t explain why he got the scar, I think your theory is right :D

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It’s a girly girl color.

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That ^^^ is probably why girls should be careful with it. It’s alright, depending on what kind of impression they are wanting to give. But it is more than that as mentioned above, and maybe should be experimented with in new ways.

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I never think of pink unless she is a natural blond.

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By the way, pink and blue, as colors for respectively girl and boy babies is now the norm (in the Western world), but has been exactly the opposite in earlier centuries.
So to say a color is a gender, is bull.

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I liked the Pink Panther
The rinky dink cartoon cat.

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I had no idea pink was controversial. I’m so glad I know now. As for it being a girl colour, that is only a recent development. Pink was always associated with boys and blue, more specifically, light blue, with girls. It wasn’t until the 1940’s this was changed around and now is used as a marketing ploy.

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^^^ Yes—I read this and it is true. makes sense also, as pink is the stronger colour of pink and blue.

That being said, its association with girldom is, perhaps, because it is a prettier colour and a compliment to complexions whereas light blue does almost nothing.

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I just assumed the association of pink with femininity arose from pink’s association with flowers (and the long-time association of females with flowers, in their delicacy and beauty are a female metaphor). Certainly there are more pink flowers out there than blue ones. But maybe I’m just completely off.

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No—makes sense to me. I am in full agreement there. Though delicate with association with flowers and springtime and femininity, it is also a strong and beautiful color.

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