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If you worked at a zoo or alligator farm, and it was your job to feed the 'gators, crocodiles, or Komodo Dragons (giant flesh-eating monitor lizards) -- what animal would you feel most comfortable feeding it? (see details)

Asked by Yellowdog (12208points) May 24th, 2021

Not really do such flesh-eating reptiles get live, helpless prey while in captivity as they would in the wild. So don’t worry too much about this question.

But suppose they did—and it was YOUR job to watch a helpless animal get eaten, once or twice daily.

These aren’t supposed to be easy, sadistic choices.

But lets say you could choose whichever was easiest for you to watch— given the choice of: monkeys (young rhesus macaques). chickens, dogs, pigs, calves, raccoons, or seals / sea lions

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