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Will Fluther ever tap the hordes of idealogs on IRC?

Asked by gsiener (438points) September 11th, 2008

I often hit up irc for more technically focused questions, but I wish I could use this spiffy interface.

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I get the gist, but you mean either “ideologue” or “ideologist”; or just technically smart guys.

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I did, thanks!

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It’s not a bad idea as web-based chat is still such a hack but I would argue that the interface for IRC (command-line) is superior for it’s format.

A while back someone suggested setting up #fluther on freenode which would be great. I spend a lot less time on IRC these days though but I’d happily visit.

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You know, thinking about it more, I used to write very simple TCL/TK bots for IRC years ago. I’ve completely lost my TCL skills but it would be interesting to build an IRC bot that broadcasts new questions to the channel and allows users (who are somehow paired their name to their fluther account) to answer questions right in the channel and allow discussion of the answers without polluting the web version of the question with unrelated “answers”.

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@paulc that’s how I was envisioning it as well. It would also be great (but probably get you banned) if it broadcast questions in the rooms for each category. That way if I asked a question about python, it would make it into #python.

Seems useful but complicated…

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@gsiener, I was thinking of piping it all into just one channel but you could do what you’re talking about if you ran your own IRC server which is entirely possible but obviously much more time/effort. Otherwise, yeah, if you didn’t get permission from the server or the channel owners you’d get K-Lined quite fast.

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