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How can I go about selling my books?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (20027points) May 30th, 2021

I have a few books that I don’t need, and I’m in need for some money. All are in good condition. I can’t take photos of them right now but here are the Amazon pages of them so that you get the idea of their content:

- Psychotic Depression
The Psychotic Core
Darkness Visible

My only experience with selling anything online is through a Vietnamese FB page for selling old stuff I sold something there once. Someone would post about something they want to sell, and anyone who wants the thing would contact the seller personally, wire in some money, and wait for the seller to send the item. It’s fast and convenient for both the seller and buyer. I have no experience with Amazon and eBay whatsoever, and I heard that they charge fee for being a seller there, and there could be a chance no one would see my listing.

Anyone has any idea how I can sell my book? They are all in good condition and can be valuable sources of knowledge for someone out there, and I don’t want them to go to waste.

Alternatively, anyone here interested in those books I have?

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I think you can use Facebook again. Give it a shot.

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@Hawaii_Jake I’m not sure how I can go about that. The page I sold my thing isn’t for books, and I’m not sure if anyone in my country would be interested in the kind of books I have. They are in English and is about depression, not something an average Vietnamese would want to read…

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Wouldn’t you lose on the transaction by the time you paid shipping costs? And yeah, Amazon takes a cut. You can lose money selling things through Amazon Marketplace even if you keep it within the U.S..

I’m wondering if there are American universities, medical clinics, or psychotherapy facilities in Vietnam where some English-speaking staffer would be interested in those books.

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@kneesox that’s the kind of people I’m aiming at. I know there are people in Vietnam who study psychology, but I don’t know anyone personally.

I just contacted a few of my friends a few minutes ago about this problem. They haven’t replied back yet.

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But you could find someone who does, right? Contact the psych dept at a university or call a mental health clinic or try a university library. Maybe even post a notice on a bulletin board. Good luck with this.

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Is there an eBay store (we have a store front that advertises takes a percentage for selling on eBay) that could handle the sale for you?

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Addeyman Book store in Europe collects, buys and sells internationally.
Here is the website link, possibly email to ask for more precise information?


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You can sell them yourself on eBay. Get a few padded envelopes big enough for your books, and use a scale to figure out what would be the cost to ship each.

A common way to price books is to show the price for the book and separately show the amount you will charge for shipping/handling. It’s useful to be clear that the shipping charge you list only covers delivery to <your country or region> so there is no confusion by a person who might want your book but would have to pay too much for shipping.

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Are there any used book stores where you are? There’s a place where I live called “½ Price Books”. You can buy and sell books, albums, CDs and other related items.

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In English? That sounds like a small niche market in Vietnam.

Is there an auction site like eBay which is popular in Vietnam?
Can you post a note on a physical bulletin board at a university?
Can you barter with other English language students?

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@Inspired_2write That website sounds really nice. I’ll try if I can do anything with it :)

@Call_Me_Jay That’s what I’ve been doing yesterday. I asked my friends if they know of anyone who studies psychology/has an interest in psychology. They told me that I should send them photos of the books and they will try going on FB to find a suitable buyer currently I can’t take photos because I’m moving house soon and the books are now inside a box. But it’s nice to know they try :)

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@Mimishu1995 the Amazon pages you linked already have photos. Why do you need more?

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@kneesox That’s just how selling stuff on FB works here. People want to see the actual images of things before they decide to buy anything.

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Ebay frequently has deals giving new sellers free posting. You need a PayPal account, and the money is transferred to that. You can choose to set a price, or give a starting price for bidding. You can charge the shipping cost to the buyer. That gets added in to the total cost.

The have help available by phone and by chat. When I started an account, strictly for buying, a young man walked me through everything step by step.

Books are tough wherever you choose, because you have to be selling just what someone is looking for. With millions of titles out there, it is just luck.
If you ever sell anything on ebay, use as many ways as you can to describe your item, so it will come up however anybody searches. For instance, selling a dvd you would want to list the name, but in description list the year released, the names of actors and if the director is pretty well known, that too. Also genre. That way, if someone is looking for a Gene Hackman film, all listings with his name in them will come up.
If they want a civil war movie, those listings come up, etc.

I hope you find a best choice soon.

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