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What's the best free Internet filter out there?

Asked by seVen (3481points) September 11th, 2008

Is there one?

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They provide instructions on the site. Basically, if you’re at home and have a (wi-fi) router, you can config that thing to look at their DNS servers. And then you won’t hafta config each individual PC in your home.

If you sign up for a free account, they can provide you with a customizable set of filters to block just about anything you can think of. And you can build your own whitelists or blacklists.

Bonus: the OpenDNS services are often faster than what your current ISP uses.

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That sounds really cool. I checked out that link and am wondering whether it’s possible to configure each computer differently as far as the content filters? Also, how does this work if you use spybot to blacklist processes?

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@mcbealer… hmmm.

Usually, us home users connect our computers to a (wi-fi) router of some sort. That router’s IP address is what OpenDNS sees in terms of applying the settings you prefer.

Since OpenDNS doesn’t actually see your PC directly, I don’t think you’ll be able to configure it on a per-machine basis.

You’d need to ensure each computer has a unique IP when connecting directly to the internet. That’s not something home users typically get. Actually, there’s almost no organization (home, business, corporation) that connects all of their PCs directly… in part due to the fact that IPv4 doesn’t offer enough unique addresses to support it.

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nevermind, I found better one it’s called k9 protection if you’re interested and it’s free as well.

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