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Centric occlusion description?

Asked by NourElhoda2262002 (4points) 2 weeks ago

Describing the centric occlusion, this sentence was written: The cusp tip of the lower 3 is located directly below the linguo-incisal embrasure between upper 2 & upper 3

What’s meant by a “linguo-incisal” embrasure ?
Thanks in advance.

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A search on the internet brought me this description: central occlusion (centric occlusion) “occlusion of the teeth when the mandible is in centric relation to the maxilla, with full occlusal surface contact of the upper and lower teeth in habitual occlusion.”

Read the other 2 definitions to understand the differences. That’s what I did.

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It’s the surface of an incisor tooth facing the tongue and where it touches teeth next to it.
It’s a description of the gaps between the teeth. (In this case upper 2 and upper 3)

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