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What do you think of the fruit orange?

Asked by flo (13313points) June 9th, 2021

If nothing particular about the fruit orange, then please post “What everyone should know about orange, and x and y and z is…” something like that. But nothing for trivial, academic purposes, it has to be important to know.

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Oranges are higher sources of fiber than orange juice.

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I’ve got two in my frig. . .

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I think it is aptly named.

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I don’t like them.

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Fragrant peels when scraped or agitated. So are the blossoms. They can be employed in mixing up terrific ice creams, sherbets and sorbets. They’re also great in confections from cakes through pastries and cookies. And they do wonders for a crispy duck. In fact, I’ve gotta stop now and assault the freezer to retrieve a big bowl of orange sherbet. Thanks for the idea.

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The rind is not suitable for anything edible.

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I skin them alive.

(If you squeeze the peels and light a lighter close to it, the squirtees will sparkle! )

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Orange juice is amazing as an icing on poppy seed bread.
Peel is great for a lot of dishes.
My dog shares oranges with me.

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Orange marmalade uses the whole fruit and is delicious on toast and on scones.

Oranges are an excellent natural source for vitamin C. A daily ration of an orange or other citrus fruit will prevent scurvy.

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Love the color, love the fruit, love the way the word floats on my tongue.

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Love oranges, tangerines, Little Cuties.

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No words that rhyme with it

Unless you go with Door Hinge (drake and Josh)

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Edited to add (in italics)

Ok. Does lemon get moldy fast and orange and the other citrus fruits not so much? Why is that?

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@Dutchess_III now, now, don’t get a wild hair growing….

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For flavor and juiciness, I like Valencias better than navels.

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When I was a kid, at school lunch, we’d stick a half an orange in our mouth, bite down on the pulp and pretend that was our actual mouth.

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Oh yeah. Plus draw on some teeth with a sharpie. :D

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Orange you glad it’s not a banana?

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What are the steps after washing the orange, whether to eat it raw or use it to cook, bake…?

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You don’t wash an orange @flo.

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An orange is one of my favorite fruits. I have a small one at breakfast most mornings.

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