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Why are wisdom teeth called wisdom teeth?

Asked by Tennis5tar (1255points) August 4th, 2007
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It's because they arrive at the age of consent, or therabouts.

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it is because of when they come that time you are older and supposedly posess more wisdom than a child

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Cool... thanks.

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Wisdom teeth are the booty. Chests brimming with golden nuggets of wisdom your mind knows nothing of. Sure brilliance is often accredited to a genius mind, but I tell you, it takes a pair, a pair a teeth.

Wisdom teeth are burrowed in the nether regions of the mouth, that wise words may flow over a tongue and through two lips undetected and thus unfiltered by the consciousness of a mind so feble and corruptable such brilliance would never be permitted to prevail except this treasure be hidden.

And for this reason doctors, dentists, soceity guide the sheep to the shearer and remove a wisdom never to u used again.

Needless to said, it was a very sad day indeed, when I has informed my wisdom was to be removed and my body left with only a mind.

Hold on to your treasure for a long as you can.

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cause the older you get wisdom teeth come in letting you know that half of your life is over

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