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Do butcher shops and large grocery stores have webcams for meat?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19064points) 1 month ago

Every thing else Is standardized and reliable, except meat, (marbling, available cuts). How can a picky eater order beef and pork online?

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Costco Christmas time offered Wagyu A5 Rib Eye roast, 12 pounds for $799.99 USD; shipping and handling included

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The meat tends not to move once it has been butchered and wrapped, so I would imagine that the webcam feed would be boring as hell.

Unlike my local Kroger, where they have live lobster in a tank in the Seafood department that they murder while you watch.

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Go Pro camera on sales clerk who handles online orders could show it in real time to the customer to decide.

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Department store in Russia here.

Grocery store parking lot cam in NY.

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