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Have you ever lost faith in your Idol?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19070points) 1 month ago

Like Bill Cosby.

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Bill Cosby is one, yes.
A variety of offenses over the years have caused me to become gradually less interested in celebrities of all sorts.
Learning that pro athletes, some anyway, charge for autographs made a big dent. Damn! That someone is so excited about you, they want you to write your name for them is not enough. You need their nickels too.

Dogfights, rape, assault, etc. has demoted most celebrities in my view.

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I’ve never idolized anyone.

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Lance Armstrong.

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Captain Kirk- what a jerk! ;-(

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I don’t idolize, but admire instead.

There is a difference from to admire someone for their accomplishments whereas to idolize puts them unnecessarily and unfairly on a pedestal.

Soon that idolized person will show himself/herself to be human and thus your idol loses grace from those who expect too much from them.

They are there only as examples of strength to show people that through perseverance one may also rise to the opt of whatever endeavor desired.

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I idolized a tall man from Jasper, but he became just a guy from Red Deer.

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We were taught that idolatry was a really bad idea.

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Indeed, mummy’s very first chamber maid.
Sissy rejected my awkward teenage advances at a critical period of perversion…puberty!

A randy boy never forgives :D

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This is going to sound really corny, but my idol is my daughter. She’s great. And I have complete faith in her.

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I don’t think I’ve ever idolized anyone, but I’ve greatly admired a number of people. Some of them have disappointed me.

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I’ve never idolized one except Donny Osmond and Michael Jackson. And I outgrew it. Shit.

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